Developing Psychic Impressions Through Touch

This is an article to share if you are attending the Get Centered Wellness Through Mindfulness Group held in Boalsburg, PA, or if you are a follower of energy healing.

We will focus on sensory impressions through touch as it is one of the easiest psychic channels to work with.  We are gathering impressions all the time when we touch an object, shake somebody’s hand or give and receive a hug.  We are hard wired to sense, feel, and understand the world around us because it allows us a window in on how safe we feel, whether a situation or person is trustworthy, and it opens many dimensional doorways to the world around and within us.

The practice is called psychometry and involves receiving impressions of objects handled by others through the sensation of touch.  Impressions can come in many ways.  For example, at our paranormal group meeting a few years ago we often would pass an object and share our “reading” of the object.  When I touched an old bell, I immediately smelled a cellar of vegetables and stored canned fruits.  It was an over powering aroma that involved smell and taste.  I then felt a woman ringing the bell for school and could “see” her on a porch feeling a cool wind blow.  I could tell that her personality was full of vigor, humor and that she especially loved reading.  I “knew” that she had a particular facial feature that she felt self conscious about and often pulled her hair in a way to cover it.  Much of this was  validated by the granddaughter of the woman whose object it originally belonged.

I was never given the history or owner of the bell prior to the reading, which often works best for me.  This is an example of a psychic reading.  The information flows easily when not censored, questioned or dismissed. When we first practice touching an object, it may feel that you are imagining impressions, however, it is important to just trust whatever comes through.

Let me walk you through how to practice.  It’s especially fun when you keep a journal of all your discoveries. The most common types of impressions come through physically, emotionally, auditory and in images. For instance, a physical impression may be something like a feeling of itching at the ear, or a leg pain.  Or, you may feel warm, tingly, cold, or prickly.  Physical impressions often happen in a handshake with someone as well.  Simply notice the next time you shake hands the physical impression of how you register the sensation in your physical body.

If you lean more toward receiving physical impressions than it’s likely this is one of your primary sensory modalities in receiving psychic information.  Learn to trust it.  It is telling you something about the person or object you are reading.  In the case of a leg pain, it may help you pinpoint the person (if you don’t know who they are in a room full of people) because you may notice that the person’s pain came from a fall or accident and you can sense how he/she may be emotionally connected to the pain.  It doesn’t happen to me all that often, but I know many great psychics who sense in their own body the pain of another, who just “know” the person is having some physical issue.

The emotional channel of receiving impressions means that as you hold an object, do you start to feel happy, tense, sad, angry or silly. Sometimes this may happen in a story unfolding, or you may have a sudden memory of a song.  Emotions can feel scattered and incomplete.  For instance,  I had worked with a woman who asked me to read her ring.  I often don’t look at an object first, although typically you should look at and talk about out loud to beginning tuning in to the resonance of it.  However, for whatever reason, I wanted to hold it ,but not see it.  Immediately, I sensed a giddy peacefulness, a lightness and a boldness all at once.  I felt solid, headstrong and determined, creative and abundant.  I also felt lucky and the image of the cereal box ‘Lucky Charms’ popped through.  When I opened my eyes I saw that in the center of the ring was a lucky shamrock or 4-leave clover design.  It was her engagement ring, she was an artist and just sold her first series of paintings.

Auditory impressions are less common, but they do occur especially when someone who has passed is attempting to use the object’s energy field to make contact with the owner.  Impressions could be ringing, buzzing, the feeling that you are hearing a message in thought form.  You won’t actually hear it through the auditory channel, but you may sense a word or phrase.  Sometimes, a message may sound like it’s coming in the room and it can.  An example might be hearing a loud balloon pop because the object was connected to a big celebration.

Imagery impressions often come in the form of symbols known to that person. It is designed to relay information to your subconscious mind (the mind of symbols) so that your conscious mind can communicate what they are.  Images can come rapidly, with no reason or order.  We interpret the image to the person without giving it judgment or question.  For instance, if I see or sense a train, smell the dust of a rodeo, or see a family scrambling in a basement from a tornado, I then relate those images.  Often, we can tell the meaning, but often we can’t.  It takes practice to know that certain symbols will have a meaning for you.  For example, when I see the statute of liberty, then, I know that the family came to Ellis Island.  Sometimes, I might feel their plight, poverty or stoicism along with the image.

Sitting down to read your object.  At our group, each person brings her or his own object without showing anyone.  We will place them all in a basket and each person will choose one for a reading.

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit.
  2. Take several cleansing breaths.
  3. Close your eyes and see a red rose in front of your face.  As you see the rose imagine it catching on fire, melting and crumbling to black before your eyes.  Do this 3 times. (this is how we clear your channel)
  4. Next, imagine that you are walking to your favorite room in your house, or an imaginary room wherever you wish (I often imagine a psychic chamber where I am wearing white, sitting in a beautiful purple chair after descending 10 steps).  Imagine walking down 10 steps, with each descending step becoming more relaxed.  With each descending step imagine that you are becoming a clear channel and you are opened to receive all impressions.
  5. Now, sit in your imaginary place and relax and breathe
  6. See it as an enjoyable game.
  7. The biggest thing to remember is to keep an open mind. Allow any information to come through, don’t hold back.
  8. Tune in to your object.  Look at it, hold it, and get a feeling.  Say what it is: I am holding a dainty emerald ring. It has two stone, an inscription. It feels solid, yet fragile. This is how you are tapping into the energy.
  9. Now, sense, feel density, texture, color, softness, hardness, roundness, smooth, rough…and then keep going with whatever comes.  You can write down everything before you meet with the owner of the object.  Try not to look around the room to guess who the owner is because you may add attributes based on who you think it belongs to.

This is also a great exercise to share with friends and family and at parties.  Always practice in a group that can give you feedback, is supportive and non-competitive.


Enjoy reading objects and the basis of psychometry.  If you would like additional classes or workshops or personal readings, please give me a call at 607-857-3852.  Objects can also be photos of animals, people and places


Blessings 1000509261001_1822989426001_BIO-Biography-22-Hollywood-Directors-Alfred-Hitchcock-115949-SF on your journey,