Leaving the past behind

Looking Back to See Ahead

Have you ever tried looking back over your shoulder, just for a quick glance, then bump into something right in front of you? Recently, while walking my dog I noticed that he looked back at another dog across the street. He kept walking forward, but was so obsessed with focusing on what was happening behind him on the other side of the street, that he smacked head on into a telephone pole. He wasn’t hurt as I averted him pretty quickly, but he did rattle himself.

When I saw this I began to think about our human lives. Why is it that we persist in looking backwards at what already happened? We have all had painful experiences, loads of suffering along the way, yet we often cling to this broken perspective of self that we fail to realize our wholeness and capacity to look ahead.

If you are a person who is awake, then you know it takes a lot of love drawing from universal light to keep yourself in a high vibrational frequency of light energy. When we practice this form of vibrational light daily, we begin to lose the heaviness that we carried around from the past and when you truly shift even higher, it almost feels awkward to think about going back to an earlier perception of yourself. Yet, these past several weeks this is what I have done, spiraled backwards, forgot to leave the road opened ahead and banged my head into a the proverbial telephone pole because I was so consumed with what got me into this present state to begin with.

The wisdom gained at my own folly is quite profound. I have practiced visualizing that who I am is already here in my heart and that all I have to do is live this new reality of that person I affirm I already am. In other words, once we see ourselves in a new positive vibration and we are affirm that it is so, we have to step into that vibration, kind of like a jumping rope that is already going round and round, you just jump in and you are that.

Following our highest passion will carry us, as we are manifesting our thought energy at rapid speed in 2014, and it will keep getting faster as we move along toward the 4th and 5th dimensions. However, as in my case, when we fall backward, we fall harder each time. This is important to keep in mind as you move along your ascended path. It is beautiful and the wow factor at getting it and even laughing a lot more than perhaps you used to is AWEsome, but when we get lost, and we will, the bruising is more painful.

It is an essential lesson learned in that we must treat ourselves and others as the person they already see themselves as, not as the broken person from before. We can’t tell someone they are beautiful, then offer them a skin acne remedy. Get it? The take away factor crashes the vibration into the trash can. When we see each other as completely whole, completely healed, completely capable, then offering a remedy is telling someone they need help, or fixing, or suggests doubt.

When you are vulnerable, as you may feel from time to time, especially if you are learning and practicing an ascended path without any support. You will be tested, as you create the tests yourself, to stay on the path that you have created for yourself. This could be going back to school, learning a new craft, moving, marrying, divorcing, taking a new job, a thousand things, but when you step into the higher vibration of who you now are, you may sabotage all your loving practices by looking back.

I looked back. I didn’t recognize the person from before, because as we create a new life for ourselves, rebirthing again and again, looking back becomes fuzzy, cloudy and the history literally disappears. At some point, you will have no need to want to read your history file because it will be erased. It erases itself as you step into and reclaim the unconditional love you have for yourself.

I looked back.

Now, today, I look forward to the dream I envisioned many years ago, having a little coffee roasting shop, being thrilled to visit with everyone who walks into the shop to hear about their day and their dreams, to work lovingly with a soul group of artists who want to share their crafts, music and soul work at this lovely little shop. Believing in my calling as a person who helps others find their way to live with joy, a loving heart and a seeker spirit, these are my gifts to this world.

Allowing the dream to unfold, getting out the way, letting helpers help, believing.

Don’t get involved with what you are leaving behind. Your past may be loaded with pain, suffering, and difficulty, but you are trying to build a new life. Leave the past where it was, and turn your attention fully toward where you are going.

ImageBlessings on your journey, Kathy


Summer Solstice Ceremony: how to host your own gathering

     My favorite time of the year.  It is deliriously sunshine, warmth and the actual beginning of the most active time of year for most.  It’s those days where we relish a 10-mintue power nap at 2:00 p.m. or, catching a breeze while resting under a tree.  

    It is also a wonderfully significant time for ceremony, where we honor the sacred spirit keeper of the south, the four-winds, the crystal below and the cosmic energies above.  Let me walk you through how to create your own ceremony for this time of shapeshifting consciousness toward peace, harmony, joy and living within a sustainable Gaia.

    You can honor the spirit keeper of your choice.  To the south, I often honor the 4-legged creatures that walk the earth, such as coyote, fox, deer and bear.  Many native american tribes honor the Flicker.  Flicker’s are birds who enjoy drumming sounds when drilling into a tree. I also love the Ruffed Grouse for the same reason.  Drumming is important for ceremony.  It allows us to remember our unification through the pulsating rhythm of our hearts.

    Our heart and organ of the heart is the most powerful form of  compassionate energy because it is the love vibration that supports the galaxy.  Without love we would have collapsed and there are certainly beings out there that would love it if we would hate enough to destroy ourselves.  This is why the solstice ceremony can be the most powerful of all celebrations so that we are manifesting on a global scale what we desire to be in the world.

    The purpose of this ceremony is to honor our ancestral beings for permitting us to continue with the legacy of seasonal change.  Summer time is the adolescent energy of the 4 seasons.  We have planted the seeds by March, activated our inner most desires and now we release them into the wind to grow, expand, and carry our greatest intentions.

    We are now into the spin of the season where we are working toward goals set in January and expressed by March.  If, for example, your goal is to learn to play piano, then by summer this should be activated, so that you can reflect on what you learned by winter solstice.  Ceremony can also be for the love of the earth, for a particular plant, for the waters, air, healing our planet, generating global peace, or transmuting your personal negative habits toward positive ones. 

    Ceremony is very powerful.  We are gathering energy of individuals, that when collected becomes exponentially expansive. These are these moments when mountains do get moved.  We know our thought is energy and energy is transformative.  If we think together about an issue or concern, pull the energy into our hearts, release into the cosmos, we can change anything.  

    For your ceremony you will need a fire.  If you can’t legally have a fire, light candles and sit outside.  Create a small sacred space to work within.  Bring crystals, drums, feathers, whatever objects from your journey in life that carries meaning, set a few in front of you.  If you are hosting a ceremony, invite everyone to bring one object that they will leave at the fire as a gratitude and one burnable  object (paper) that they can place in the fire, the transmutation process.

     Gather friends, or stranger an hour before sunset.  If other drummers are there, start drumming.  This isn’t an exercise in showmanship or a try out for a rock band, just drum.  You can use shamanic drums, tibetan drums, rattles, etc., to create a synchronized sound that eventually resonates it’s own hum.  Ask your guests to quietly meditate on an issue of their choosing.  If the ceremony’s purpose has been set (healing the earth, or personal transformation), then this should be the meditated issue.  About 30 minutes before sunset, ask each person to say a word or phrase about how they are feeling right now.  Then, each person take a turn with giving gratitude about something.  If the group is small, it’s okay to elaborate, but this is not the time for lectures, opinions, knowledge or dominance.  It’s a time to see the essence in each other as sparks from the same flame.

   Now, at the beginning of ceremony, you the host, stand up and give each direction a blessing.  I say, “greetings to the north, the home of snow owl (that’s my north spirit keeper), keeper of clarity, connection, and psychic knowing, thank you for your gift of 3rd eye seeing.”  I then go to the east, honoring Great Blue Heron.  I say, “thank you for teaching us humility, grace, solitude and soaring.  I thank  you for the gift of humility as a servant to the winged creatures.”  I then go to the south to 4-legged creatures thanking them for navigating the material earth, teaching me about instinct, trust, companionship and tribal unity.  Alas, I go to the west, honoring the Beaver.  I thank Beaver for adaptation, cooperation and transmutation and the surrendering of all that we no longer need.  I now go below the earth greeting the iron core crystal, thanking it for fortifying my immune system, my blood flow, my cells and tissues and allowing me to stand upright to walk the earth.  Finally, I thank the cosmic teachers, ascended masters’, spiritual guides and power animals for the love, messages and guidance while we understand our soul purpose.

  After you thank the directions, ask the group to stand in a circle.  Demonstrate how we connect the earth and sky into our hearts.  Bend down and gather with your hand toward the earth.  With your mind’s eye, imagining, gathering all this earth energy and place it gently in your heart.  Now, reach toward the sky above your head with your hands, gathering the cosmic bliss into your heart space by gently placing your hands in front of your heart.  Do this motion 6 times, from the ground to your heart, from the heavens to your heart, then releasing your hands back up in the sky with a loud “woooosh.” 

  Now, ask each participant to circle the fire (candles) three times when they are ready.  Each person just goes up with their personal issue they want to transform and walk the fire 3 times.  After each person walks the fire, he/she will then leave the object and submit the article for transformation.  For example, if my personal negative habit is judgment, I will write on a piece of paper, “I surrender judgment into the fire and replace with unconditional love.”  I then walk from the fire and join the group.  While each person is surrendering and transforming with the fire, everyone else, is drumming.  Drumming is the celebration of the work.  Drum loud, shout, sing, dance, let it out.  When one person is done, then they join the drumming, trade off with the next person.  This way everyone is honored in the group and acknowledged for the love they are bringing.

At the end of ceremony, ask everyone to gather with hands joined in a circle. Thank everyone for their soul essence, beauty and magic. Ask the group to   meditate silently, give thanks, and on the count of 3 have everyone raise their hands to the cosmos for a loud “wooosh.” 

After ceremony, join for food, and celebration.  Caution, when I have done this in my backyard, the group often stays outside for hours having a great time, which I encourage for fellowship, but I often go to bed.  So, you can have set times, or open boundaries, that’s your call.


Blessings on your ceremony and continual journey! Kathy