Awakening the Mind: How to get out of your own way

The funny thing about our mind is that it is comprised of two distinctive features that rarely gather in the same room. It goes like this: At birth, and just before, our developing minds tend to live within the theta brainwave frequency. This is the same wavelength that we experience during daydreaming, upon awakening in the morning; that feeling of drifting. It is a hypnogogic-like trance and last for about the first 6 years of our life. After that, our conscious thoughts arise and our conscious minds begin to operate, however, only with about a 5% capacity.

What is operating, however, at 95% capacity is the mind that is so influenced in those first few theta years, the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind continues to read programs that we experience and files it in storage. Programs such as how to read, how to drive a car, how to prepare food, etc. are kept “on file.” This frees the conscious mind from having to relearn every skill, every time. We don’t consciously think about how to tie our shoes every time we put them on. The subconscious storage allows us to pull material from our memories, such as images, sensory experiences and early impressions of the world.

The subconscious mind doesn’t judge, make analyses, it just plays back experiences that we have stored. In short, it is the major operating system of our lives, and our conscious mind barely knows of its existence.

This is what happens next. We are living our lives according to the subconscious tape, however, the subconscious tape is playing belief systems that includes thoughts, images and experiences that may not be in alignment with who you think you are consciously. If we can see the subconscious mind as a program, a programming of other peoples’ belief systems, that include their early impressions that were programmed in their belief systems, we can see how many layers that exist in our theta patterns of auto suggestion. For example, we often grow up believing that we are incapable of knowing the answers to our problems, such as health, in life. Think about your earliest memory for being sick as a child. What did more or dad do? Most likely, make an appointment to see the doctor. It is interesting that research reflects that 70% of people get better (the symptoms dissipate) on the way to the doctor’s office. Just knowing that relief is in sight, or the anticipation of relief may happen, we alter our health.

This is how powerful our subconscious minds are. Our conscious minds, that creative day to day mind, is taking its directive from all this programming. It is not to suggest that programming is positive or negative, but unfortunately most of our conscious lives are playing off the same record that blocks or limits our lives in some way. For instance, there may be an early belief that conflict is bad. Maybe you were told that a good girl or a good boy never challenged authority. As an adult, this may transfer to not being assertive at work in relationships, or not challenging the authority of a belief, a claim of authenticity in a product, or simply going along with things you internally don’t believe in.

At some point, the conscious life goes awry. We simply cannot figure out why our plans in life don’t work for us. In the case above, an individual is living a program (If I choose to challenge, it will cause great conflict creating anxiety and abandonment from my family…something like that and that would be horrible and unbearable) that is in conflict with how they would like to be. You may practice affirmations, set goals, have a good cry, argue with yourself, but none of these methods will be effective.

The reason that these strategies fail is because the subconscious program has been written, you are following the script, but you are unaware that the script even exists. This is why certain forms of “talk therapy” fail. We cannot talk it out because we are talking to the 5%, the part that is not connected to the whole system.

This is what I have found to be helpful in changing programs, by first discovering what they are. Make a list of all the areas of your life that aren’t working for you, such as financial power, relationship fulfillment, health, habits, life purpose, fun, and work/career interests. After you have made your list, then ask the question, what feeling do I connect with this issue, what do I want that isn’t happening for me? Write the feeling down that you sense/feel or just know is surrounding that issue. For instance, if you are struggling with intimacy and love, maybe you feel hopeless, a loss of joy, anger, grief, etc. Now, ask yourself to create an image around the first time you recall feeling that way. Images may pop up that have nothing to do with what is happening now, just go with it. An image may pop up of reaching for a piece of toast at 6 and being slapped across the hand and told to wait your turn. In this case, we record the message that it is not okay to ask for what one wants, or one must wait that turn in life.

The messages that are recorded in our subconscious then just press play and we live off this image, except we are unaware of how we have coded it in our lives, how it serves to limit us from fully alive experiences. Keep going with your list, your images and your feelings.

When you are done, spend some time in meditation, listen to guided meditation, or simply relax and begin to allow yourself to meet these parts of yourself that are locked within a storage center. One way to re-write the script is to imagine a different you, a preferred you through daydreaming, imagining and using healing words.

This is only a beginning step, but you will see how your daily operating system is embedded in old recordings that have played out scenes that keep you blocked. If you would like assistance on reprogramming your subconscious mind, you can reach me through my website at and at A Journey to You located in State College, PA

Blessings on your journey,