Leave your doubts at the doorstep

…and step on through to the other side.

Let’s keep visiting and revisiting the ego-based anchors we have created that keep us from moving upward (our ascension) and forward within our linear and multiverse dimensions.

Our ego is a developmental personality tool designed to keep us alive. The ego doesn’t like to die off once it has been funded and it doesn’t mind if it borrows, begs or steal to keep surviving. It’s doing it’s job after all.

Our spiritual and higher self dimensions are aware how housed we are within the confines of our ego structures that are reinforced moment by moment within our technologically seduced culture. We are literally bombarded by streams of juicy fear tidbits to keep us doing the things that we imagine is making us even safer, stronger, immune, better, healthier, younger, richer.

It’s all hogwash. Really, it is.

Things like imagining a future where we one day retire (I can never figure out what we are retiring from), then own our own lives. I can think of a multitude of times in which a person remarks that he or she is only x years from retirement. I generally work for myself and in service to others, as I always will, so there is no such thing as leaving your purpose.

What does this mean? Keep on keeping on? That life only begins there? That enough wealth, security, vacation, housing…is acquired so that, then “it” happens. What happens?

This is the dialogue that the higher self has with the ego self. We run in endless circles of “figuring” out life. We do this because we have been taught not to live in the here and now.

The now is all we have. Right now as you are reading this, you are breathing, swallowing, moving, reclining, sitting, standing, hurrying, relaxing, feelings, sensing, acknowledging your life. What do you want to do now?

Your spirit knows this as it has always been this way.

This is why the way we live must resonate with who you are. Never waste a minute on somewhere you don’t want to be and do nothing you don’t want to do. For example, if there is a party going on, or a place to eat that you just don’t feel good about, skip it. Learn to tune in to your inherently wise self and you will, guaranteed, learn vital information about yourself. Don’t take courses to get the degree because it gives you a greater job position in life. If you want to be a dancer, dance. If you want to paint, paint. Always follow the highest joy, booted with integrity to embrace who you are now. Who you are now, is what you become.

So, when we are seduced by our fear based world-wars, terror, scandalous headlines, job loss, health risks, right foods, wrong foods, right partners, wrong partners, seeking approval, fear of disapproval, wanting this, desiring that….these are the illusions of the world we have created.

It is not THE WORLD, however, it is only a mirror of our thought forms. Our thought forms create the existence of life as we know it. If we want the evils of the world to go away we have to stop inventing them. They exist, just like in any fantasy fairy tale, because of our historical creations.

Do we want to keep doing the same thing over and over? I don’t think so.

So, how do we stop all of this craziness…corporate and ecological pollution, poverty, sickness, greed, biased news, corruptness,…

Here’s how. Stop participating in it. We participate in it when we doubt our own capacity to change the world. We see it as “those guys,” or when will “they figure it out.” We are they. They are we. We are seamless and endless particles from the same atom. Whatever happens out there is happening inside of you.

Secondly, take responsibility for any part you are playing even without realizing it. Those days when you feel like a victim, catch yourself. There is no such thing as victims. There are contracts before we are born. We live them as others’ live theirs. We can stop suffering not through pity and anger, but through compassion and empathy. Feel what others are feeling, that’s fine. Don’t be on a mission to save others from themselves.

Live in love with you. Love your perfect body, mind and soul. Stay healthy and well. Take responsibility for your own health. Don’t give it away to cosmology, pharmacies’, doctors, gurus and get rich schemes. They are draining your energy, that’s what kills your cells. Enrich your cells with whole foods, exercise, lots of water. Stay away from cities, too much technology, drive less, walk and ride your bike more.

The reason I say this as it gets you back to you. Life is simple when we are living simply. when we become out of alignment with simple, then chaos and desires brood. We want more because we have given away more of ourselves.

Fall in love with someone special. Yes, you have soul mates, lots of them, all right for you. Pick one. At some other time along your journey, yes, you may have learned your soul lessons and lovingly move on, but for NOW, it’s this one.

Practice giving out from your heart. When we do this we cannot see judgment. This is the ONE thing that will change our world. We will get it, that there is only one collective soul with various soul parts scattered about loving, living, giving, receiving and building a beautiful world.

This is how we embrace the hate and despair. When there is doubt, we bring faith. When there is despair, we bring miracles. When there is darkness, we surround ourselves with golden light.

Blessings on your journey