Fringe Dwellers

      Fringe Dwellers are comprised of a small percentage of the human race who have tried to play the societal game of going along, getting along, getting by, pretending, quitting, giving up and finally recognizing that the surface game of social success as defined by some out there dominant elite group, is not for them.  

     Yes, the going along to get along for many fringe folks is like the sound of fingers scraping against a chalk board.  It never made any sense. Why not just be different and celebrate differences?  Fringe dwellers know this inherent truth and are often the first in their group (although they don’t often participate in large groups) even way back to elementary school, that thought nothing of adding that odd ball kid to the group, or the person that never cared about keeping score, adding up points or competing to see who was faster, unless if it was just for the sheer glory of joy in play.  

    If you are a fringe dweller you will recognize yourself immediately.  If not, there is hope for you to keep moving toward the outer edge where the view is just fine.  Those who dwell on the edge always welcome newcomers.  There is no such thing as going it alone.  That’s because we know too well what it feels like to be out there, to know that something doesn’t fit, that somehow the game in life is rigged and we knew it before we were ever aware of it.  Intuition is strong in fringe dwellers, they can read emotions immediately, sense the general make up of someone quickly and often trust naively because the heart rules the mind in these makers of change. 

   Fringe dwellers were often the rebels, the instigators, the comedians and often artists in the making, but often they did not know they had talent because their talent was not always easily recognizable within the mainstream circles.  So, they often buried their talent, it became latent, or they denied to themselves.  Folks living on the fringe are freedom seekers, adventurers, travelers of the mind or land, they want to know and seek the truth of all things.  They don’t care much for popular beliefs, despise restrictions, limitations and rigid belief systems.

This is not too be confused with deliberate or malicious opposition, that is not the case.  It means living freely as there is some recognition that this is the way it is supposed to be and most likely was at a time when we weren’t slaves to the 500 families running the planet.  Fringe dwellers know that life is meant to be a gentle walk through the valley on a sunny day, and they always knew this, however, didn’t know that they could stand up against the stronger current.

For many on the fringe, it’s a good life, a life of accepting that there is polarity, order and rules, but choosing to live on the edge of knowing that none of that really matters.  It’s also knowing that when we collectively pull the positive toward us, even though we recognize there is a counter negative, it’s the confidence in really getting that there is no scarcity in the world, there is only abundance and an infinite amount at that.

Fringe dwellers see through the veil of illusion, the cloudy haze can’t hide the truth, the roller coaster momentum that defines success by only the fittest, strongest, the ones’ that wear the corporate suits, the one’s that fit perfectly into decorated cubicles with live plants, they simply must, and there is no other way to say it, they just have to follow their own sacred path. They know that the greatest cosmic joke is that you will be looked after, there is no one looking after you, a.k.a. the government.  You are your own creator, it is your thoughts, heart and soul that will deliver to you that what you ask for.  If you ask for love, harmony and abundance, you will draw it to you.  If you ask for pain, suffering and lack, this will arrive as well. 

Dwellers that choose to live on the edge and stay out of the center don’t care if they are liked or popular, it just gets in the way, because acceptance is never the way.  The way is connecting to the unified whole, that each sacred piece of this kaleidoscope of life is respected for differences.  It is the differences that make us a whole.  It is the understanding of our individual diversity that floats the boat.  

Fringe dwellers are not trying to be an obstacle and certainly prefer to get around obstacles, but they will challenge the status quo. If one is your friend,  he or she is likely to just show up at random times in your life, completely unannounced, perhaps five minutes from your house.  This is because we don’t understand limitations nor are we bound by time.  It’s all about now.  There are never hard feelings if you can’t accommodate us, or if you can’t visit us, there are no expectations, just the now.

If you are on the fringe, just beginning the quest for your truth, your soul walk, and you are questioning the types of constraints in your life, gently begin to expand your awareness, as you are always aware, of just where, when, how and with whom restraints, constraints, forced politeness, lack of creativity and freedom are showing up.  Change can be abrupt, some fringe dwellers just pack it out and go where the call takes them, and others will add art, painting, music, a vision quest, dance or begin to feel the swelling of laughter that has recessed for far too long to bubble up and burst out.

Whatever your path, no right and no wrong, no judgment, no critical overseer, you decide what shoes you will wear today to walk to the edge.

Blessings on your journeyImage





One thought on “Fringe Dwellers

  1. Mary Rocco maitland

    Wow !! So powerful I recognized my self immediately I am a fringe dweller great article

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