Dancing with Chaos

When it all falls

apart:  understanding order from chaos

The I Ching, thousands of years of wisdom reads like an oracle, page by page sharing ancient truisms of the ages.  There is nothing that we haven’t experienced or have compassionate awareness of, because we all know suffering, we all know joy.  This magical book and tool for divination can help you glean insights into issues in life through the symbols of dotted and straight lines.  I Ching has to be studied repeatedly as the lessons show you a path, each time a little bit different because the context of your inquiry will shift each time you look at the symbols, and the symbols will reveal a corresponding page of information.

One of the mantras I have come to embrace as a result of reading I Ching is the concept of order.  Order is the dance partner of chaos.  The two coexist.  Many of us have believed that the goal of our existence is to establish infinite harmony and when we are not experiencing harmony, well, we fall apart.  However, one of the goals of our existence is to unfold our true nature, our capacity to love and experience the many facets of love through what is not love.  We are simply rotating in an arena of diversity, of contrast and constantly bump into opposites.  Haven’t you wondered why some of the people in your life reflect traits you don’t like in yourself, or the traits you wished you could express?  This is to teach you about opposites.  You can express either and any of the traits you witness in others.  You could show your arrogance, opinions and narrow minded thinking and you can also show your flexibility, non-judgment and willingness to just go with it, spring into the moment.  Each of these sides are truly shards of glass within a plane of opposites.  What we do, for the most part, is choose comfort or a set of patterns that aid our survival within the material world, but what we might consider is choosing a set of behaviors that bring us in alignment with our life purpose.  This may mean being more spontaneous, or it may mean bringing more focus in your life.   When we are aligned we then magnetically pull people to us that assist us toward our life purpose.  The inverse is also true.  When we are not aligned everyone on the planet shows up pulling us this way or that way.  It then becomes your choice on what kinds of patterns to dismiss, to not waste energy on and to keep around.

This is why some individuals show up at a key time in your life.  Sometimes it is to support your direction, other times it is to challenge.  If you have any self-doubt about what it is you want to do, or are planning to do, then loyal soldiers will show up in the guise of a personality characteristic.  For instance, if you are gun ho about starting a business, yet you have doubts about the likelihood of success, you will find someone who has failed at business.  Remember, your ego is filled with defensive fragments to keep you in survival mode.  If a shadow of doubt exists, you will suddenly see it in someone that comes into your life.  The opposite is also true.  When you are steadfastly committed to someone or something that you truly set your heart on, then, those people will also show up to manifest dedication, loyalty and perseverance.

It is a fantastic game of life.

Let’s return now to chaos and order.   Nature is involved in a cyclic rhythm of birth and rebirth.  With each cycle, a part dissolves through an expulsion of what no longer is needed.  So, we may experience a tornado, landslide, forest fire, tidal wave, hurricane, etc., in our external world, but we also experience these cycles internally.  It is simply our nature to undergo constant change.

We are here to experience the diversity of this earth plane without judgment, analysis and criticism.  That is the ultimate aim of our experiences, to know that we are loved always, there is nothing we can ever do that will change the nature of the love around us.

We have just been conditioned to believe that our worth is attached to what we do.  When we have earned our place, then we are loved.  This is not so, ever.  We are loved because we are.  Being love is all we have to do.  Our human ego development has taught us that when people fail us or we fail others, then the love stops.  “You hurt me, therefore, you are unlovable.”  We have to teach ourselves how to embrace the larger spiritual frame beyond that person to see who they really are and how to support their spiritual growth.  It may be that you cannot maintain a certain relationship in your life based on behaviors a person is exhibiting, but that does not mean you stop loving.  If we choose to hate, seek revenge, etc., then we are tearing the whole system of life.  This may seem a strange idea, but we are all connected by the same strands no matter where we live, or who we are.

When you deny a strand within the cosmic web, you fracture the web.  This is why loving is the highest vibration we can experience because it keeps the strands of the web vibrating and pulsing lifting our collective consciousness.

This is the ebb and flow of life.  Chaos and order are systems naturally designed to maintain and sustain our attention when we drift, forget or get distracted from the main pulse of our life, and this happens all the time.  We are here to remember our deep calling, to follow the river of love and quench from her purity and clarity.

You will be continually awakened to participate in your own life and you will notice synchronistic events that you will not be able to deny.  For example, a friend of mine almost adopted a beautiful 3-legged dog six weeks ago in a nearby town.  While driving back from dinner 3 days ago, he sees the same 3-legged dog sitting on the side of the road. He pulls over, the dog jumps in and they connect like long lost friends.  Of course, he felt his duty to call the owners and they quickly responded and retrieved the dog.

This is an example of a synchronistic encounter.  The likelihood of seeing a dog on a pet finder web site six weeks prior, finding the same dog sitting on the side of the road three days ago, is just too “coincidental.”  It is not for analysis to determine the nature of their meeting, it is simply a reminder of how we are always connected and perhaps someday the meanings will unfold.

Enjoy your journey and always pay attention to the great clues along the way,