One More Day Up in the Canyon

The last few weeks have led me through open fields, dried of last season’s corn and soy, hues of golden brown, lined with purple and blue skies and as I combed and ran the fields and trails, the mystical and detailed non-ordinary world invited me in.  This was a time of embracing the interior by seeing what the outer world was echoing back to me, my inner sanctuary unfolding before my eyes.

When we wander and wonder a bit, especially as the season’s beckon us to move on, to prepare for the planting of the seeds, the morning rains and thickening dew on forest floor, we still seem to want to hold on to what has been.  The murmurs of change in the wind betwixt with cold mornings, softening in the afternoon and swirly sunscapes dancing across the sky.  We know change is coming, we know it is inevitable. It’s what we have all been talking about, anticipating with excitement, yearning for, anxiously waiting to come into being.

Yet, as I listen to the radio, catch a comedic video displaying an insane political, social world laced with humor to gently rattle us and I see many of the masses holding on, afraid to let go of what could be.  Is this how it is for you? Are we still living in the world of dichotomy, black or white, democrat or republican?  We talk of a world with greater kindness, where cars, electronics and mass technology have their role and function,  not a dominating, cerebral force, a substitute for the thinking and creative mind, a world that is greener in every way possible.

Transformation is already happening. I often know what winter will be like by July. I can sense, see and observe changes long before it hits.  Changes in soil, water, trees, plants, animal behavior, winds, and there is a distinctive smell that welcomes the next season.  I know in spring what the fall will be like as this is the symbolic and literal time to plant the seeds of the next adventure. This spring is unprecedented.  Time is accelerating, or at least it feels that way.  We are speeding up.  I am seeing hummingbirds in February, the bluest of skies, sparkling displays of falling stars and an indigo canopy of stars lighting the night sky.

Talks are circulating about a great disclosure this year, an unveiling of other helpers on and around this planet.  Our plate runneth over, we have so many tributaries to explore, both internal and within the arms of our earth mother.  Now, is the time to seek higher guidance, now is the time to go inward and ask poignant questions within the castle of your soul. Now, is the time to know your shadows, to watch the dance of shadow figures within your ego walls and understand what the shadows are here to teach you.

Shadows are unloved parts of ourself, the parts that we have learned to push down, deny or loathe.  Sometimes, they can feel dark and unattractive, but they are an integral part of our soul growth.  During this spring equinox, ask yourself, what parts are holding you back from feeling completely in awe of your aliveness?  These are practices that are often recycled because we haven’t fully embraced them, so you will see them show up in patterns at work, in your personal growth and in your relationships.

As you further delve deeper into the canyon of your interior, spend some time embracing aspects of your character, thank these aspects (such as judgment), then allow yourself to release judgment and make a note of how and when judging parts show up.  At our net Get Centered gathering, connectors will have an opportunity to release through ceremony, ritual and song, ways to call the spirits in to awaken, release and allow the full return of wholeness.

As we continue to rest upon the precipice of change, soul retrieval, extraction and clearings are beautiful ways to move into your soul life, a life blessed with joy and peace.  When shadow parts darken our path, it is harder to move into a space of living life with clarity and seeing your way, the ways of the earth.  Clearing the debris from your energetic body, the soul body has a chance to reclaim itself.  When parts are healed, transformed and fully released, we can then turn our attention to the vibrational wonders and beings around us.  We can shift our focus to matters of the heart!

See you on the 18th if you can make it.  Book an energy or counseling session today!

Blessings on your journey,