Good Will Hunting: It’s not your fault and letting go of false illusions of mental illness

Here we are, yet again, with another death in the media from alleged or apparent suicide, perhaps mixed with other sedatives, it doesn’t matter. Robin Williams at the age of 63 is found dead at home. There have been many deaths within the field of entertainment and otherwise and general headlines read something about “struggled with depression,” “struggled with drugs,” etc., as if the external forces were the culprit that made the decision for this person. Then, we go on to imagine what “mental illness” does to people, and I am sure, those who suffer with a “disorder” can relate to the agony and self-alientation. We all live within various degrees of self-alientation and fear. However, disorders are not the issue, wrestling with the soul, fragmented selves in relation to the world “out there” IS the issue.

This article is not designed to pretend that suffering doesn’t exist or that disorders don’t manifest, it is to only help in the understanding that disorders are created from within the psyche, they don’t drop out of the sky and land on someone, as if it was a foreign parasite dwelling within the host of a new body. We know this because true to any disease the disorder cannot be found within an autopsy. The reason is that it doesn’t exist in the body or within the brain is because that is not where it will be found, unlike a stroke, heart attack, in which the damage is discovered.

One of the issues that we in western culture cannot seem to grasp is that mental health involves emotions and thoughts and cannot be compared to medical health, which involves organs, tissues and cells. Both are involved in the energy of the body, that is, our emotions and thoughts when negative, gain density and eventually culminate within an organ to express dis-ease. When we think of someone that has committed suicide or has chosen certain drugs to hasten death, then we are looking at the density of thoughts that cloud rational thinking and create a disassociation with the self. For example, if you are traumatized by a past event, say not being able to save someone who needed your help, then thoughts of guilt over time manifest within the density of emotions which may land within the area of the heart. The heart is “broken” over the guilt associated with the perceived belief that “I didn’t do enough” or “only if I could have saved her or him.” Thoughts paired with negative emotions can continue to build steam so that the person then begins to believe worthlessness, no value, no love.

(In a healthier, more integrated self, that self might see the situation has an opportunity to learn what it feels like to be a part of one’s soul journey. The person left because their journey was complete and you can only bless it with love. This could be anything from a soldier in war, to a friend who died in a car accident. It is the blessing of that person’s journey and the acceptance that you were exactly where you needed to be, nothing more, and nothing less).

Why, because when the heart, which is the organ of humanity, love, forgiveness, anger, grief and is the connection to spirit, higher self and unity consciousness is damaged, then seeing from this vast place of love is lost. So, thoughts then run amok because the heart has closed. The soul has fragmented due to the trauma so very little soul is available to the person (when the soul fragments parts are living in other spaces where trauma has occurred, or souls just wander around).

This is a completely different perspective from mainstream western thinking where we believe that one has caught something, or is a victim from some external event. This couldn’t be further from the truth. One has internalized self-suffering because of the conditions of thought over time.

Let’s imagine that Robin Williams suffered from feelings of disapproval (inferiority complex). So, he creates a life where “acting” funny, acting in roles within films, etc., become both away to receive approval and a way to hide from connecting to true emotions within the self (I am never good enough). What often happens is we become victim to our own drama, a never ending story of approval-seeking met with predictible rejection. Once one becomes addicted to continual approval for their performances (so true in Hollyweird), then the cycle can only be broken if he or she knows inherently of self love. If one cannot love the self unconditionally, then love by others becomes the only vital source of food. How long can you live on this food source?

Eventually, the external world will decide for you. In the world of entertainment this means one no longer can play the part, because the parts no longer fit who they have become. In many cases, the person has outgrown their use of hollywood, but can’t figure out another way to love the self and when there is no feedback loop coming in of their expectation, then one begins the dark walk of suffering and downward spiraling of killing off the self, and again, I can reiterate that very little soul is available at this point.

Love by others is temporary and an illusion and is conditional (as long as I like what you are doing, you are given love) Love within the self is everlasting and absolutely unconditional. This is why so many people crash and burn because love cannot come from outside the self until is fully blooming from the inside. The outside is only a mirror of the inside. When you truly love yourself, you share your love, you don’t wait for love to come to you because it becomes irrelevant.

The quest is always on uncovering our unique or original aliveness in spite of the world going on outside of the self. It is imperative that we don’t fall into the trap that one is a victim of mental illness. This is a mass conditioned lie to make people feel that they can’t wield their own personal power. Pharmaceutical companies go to the bank on this. This multi-billion dollar industry convinces people that illness is biological, psychological, sociological, etc. However, illness ALWAYS starts in the mind then looks for supporting evidence to keep it alive (I wasn’t loved enough, father left us, we were poor, I was abused).

This is not to say that one doesn’t suffer from ill thoughts, we all do. The work is in unraveling the subconscious mechanisms that feed those thoughts. As a hypnotherapist and quantum healer I see this all the time. As I work on one’s biofield energy, I can see where the thoughts are going and where they came from. I can tell if a childhood image of feeling left out has contributed to not joining the world, or connecting to one’s own form of intimacy with another. I can see what organs of the body are speaking. I can work with the heart, lungs and liver and help restore their power by channeling light energy to those areas so they can reconnect to the larger self.

I have seen so many people fall prey to manufactured studies that are boosted by pharmaceutical dollars to perpetuate a lie of mental disorders. All disorders, and I go on record here, come from fear. Fear that one isn’t safe in the world, fear of not having enough, being enough, loving enough. When I say to people, “what are you afraid of” almost everyone says “nothing.” Then, we move on to list all the irrational beliefs that the person is imagining to be true. All of these beliefs are fear-based.

Our work is in understanding that we have a soul self that is moving toward integration so that the self becomes whole. We cannot even entertain the idea of a whole self when we feed parts of the self with synthetic drugs and authoritative beliefs that there is something wrong, that a drug is needed to alter thinking in that thoughts are either suppressed, or there is a sense of flatlining with no thoughts at all. We can puff ourselves up with false gods of status, money, power or approval, but it is the god within that we discover our true self.

So, when I see these articles that are designed to perpetuate fear or to overly focus on what happened to Robin Williams, then I must express my love for humanity by saying enough already. Robin’s soul will become a discarnate entity and will eventually go to the light. He and his soul parts have opportunity to read the life he lived, assess the lessons learned, forgive and return to light source. Our job within this density is to only see his soul as returning to light and blessing this process. When we see him as troubled, we actually hold back the soul from ascension. So, it is important to open your hearts and sing, or say a beautiful good-bye.

This is true of any death you experience with loved ones. We are lifting out of the physical body we have been housed in to learn and love and when we are finished with our contract, we leave to return to the parent soul, or higher dimensions.

Blessings on your journey, make it a soulful one.