You Can Shake The World

The answer my friend is blowin in the wind……

Learning to harness the power of our complex minds is like trying to catch the wind.  We know what we know, but seem to resist the changes we need to make to create a sense of wholeness and a diminishing complex life.

As a person who works with people who are inundated with beliefs and stuck points that seem to block the total self from coming into complete aliveness, I have begun to ask myself a series of questions that assist me in lifting up the rocks and seeking answers to why we hold on to beliefs that clearly are out of alignment with what a person measures as the true or natural self.

When we come into alignment with our true, full, whole nature then we can really shake up our worlds.  It’s the beliefs that we carry that separate us from this possibility.  In my humble voice I sense that too many people don’t realize how valuable they really are.  It is this de-valuing that cultivates false beliefs about not being good enough, or the many traumatic scars that remind one of a self beyond repair.

It disheartens me to see anyone carry this falsehood and then create realities that keep one in their perceived place of anxiety, depression, or countless cycling through the idea that one is mentally unstable or a slave to some genetic idea that emotional angst is hardwired.

What is hardwired are subconscious programs, but programs can be cleared and implanted with healthy imaging and feelings.  The trick is to expand, explore and investigate what programs you may be playing out in all relationships with power, finances, security, sexuality, career as it relates to communication, goal setting and envisioning a fully alive experience.

I see the same threads repeated.  We simply take in and absorb the data that surrounds us at an age when we don’t have the language to comprehend the landscape of the exterior world.  For instance, if you grew up with worry that there would never be enough money no matter how hard you worked, then most likely you will work hard as an adult and never feel satisfied.  Or, if you grew up believing that you weren’t smart enough, then you may allow others to manage your will, be your authority so that you don’t have to activate that fear.

In this model  of reality you are not blaming anyone.  It is your download about someone else’s story, a story that doesn’t really belong to you, but one that you carry.  We have hundreds of stories that we build our lives around that operate outside our awareness.  This is most evident in our long term relationships, such as marriage, as we carry two separate subconscious worlds amplified within the new coupled experience.  Therefore, couples play the programs typically when they become afraid of a perceived threat to their existence, or way of being.  For instance, if one partner is a bit more perfectionistic about things being in their place, you can pretty much guarantee the other partner is messier and doesn’t like to be told what to do.  In marriage counseling, if the therapist doesn’t understand subconscious programs he or she may create exercises that address organization, task division or communication about expectations, but if the underlying program isn’t addressed it will just pop up somewhere else.

In this case, we may want to ask what beliefs about perfection, or fears about disorder one possesses, and likewise, what beliefs about fear of control, or constraint the other might possess. This places the program on the table to be looked at and cleared, and it keeps the blame game to a minimum.

It is very easy to get caught up in a lifestyle of not accessing one’s true potential mostly because we don’t think that way.  We don’t think about what would happen if we were operating at 100% full capacity of our aliveness.  We often think we are conserving energy by getting by in life, doing only what is needed at work or in relationships as a compromise, or perhaps a helpless belief that it doesn’t really matter.  We can’t affect things, it’s beyond our scope.

But, if we understood that it is only thru the activation of your highest self that your world gets shaken and this is where the jewel of life lives.  The point here is that circumstances in your life are of little consequence.  That may sound like I am downplaying traumas and uncomfortable experiences and yes, I am.  In truth, we often call upon, create and manifest experiences to bring alive something we need for the journey in life.  This isn’t to say that many experiences are uncomfortable, of course they are, but they are not the total you.  In fact, they represent a fragment of the larger quantum pie.  So, if you lost a parent when you were young, had to take care of a parent or sibling, or experienced sexual or physical abuse, then look for the expanded text of the experience.

If one is sexually abused does it necessarily mean one is damaged?  If one is sexually abused does it mean there can be no positive, loving connections in life?  Is there only mistrust, guardedness, feelings of shame and disgust?  No, one can see that it helped create a caution, increase boundaries, examining the true intentions of others’, detaching to get a better perspective, an inner strength, etc.

So, within each experience lies the contents of a grander story, a story that provides hope, renewal, inspiration and dedication to living a life that is inclusive to all the troubled souls, one that says, yes, everyone has had something happen to them.  It is seeing beyond the something to expand a version of reality that begins to say, “even though these things happened to me,” or “in spite of all that has happened,” that there is still a deeper story to write, one that includes possibilities, not limitation, excitement, not despair, lightness, not darkness, expansion, not constraint.

Helping people move beyond perceptual blocks literally is a full time job and is grounded in a culture that believes our bodies and minds are locked into a conditional pattern that includes the insane belief that there is nothing one can do about their depression or anxiety.  I hear it everyday.  Nothing could be further from this dismal truth.  Medication is not the answer, it only excites or inhibits energy, but it doesn’t change core beliefs, and it never will.

You are the dreamer of your dream.  Learn to dream yourself into being the you that you have always imagined that you are by letting go of false ideas of unworthiness and despair.  Stop drinking the kool aid…stop letting others’ decide for you who you are.  No one knows you better than you, no one.  Allow yourself to be free of the chains that bind you to an outdated  system of belief that isn’t serving your highest excitement.

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Blessings on your journey