Have you blessed negativity today?

Have you blessed negativity today?

We are learning so much in the field of personal growth and development that talks about negativity. We know that negativity is just a thought form of energy and that it has a direct correlational effect on health and happiness. Our thoughts carry an energetic force that we project into our world. Most of negativity stems from fears, erroneous beliefs about ourselves, or an expectation that we imagine should happen in our lives to make life better, or shouldn’t happen. Images of how life ought to be requires some examination every day because this is the crux of most of our negativity.

When we say “ought to be,” we are saying that we tend to live in little bubbles in which we get to decide what ought to happen or not happen. If you are eating at a restaurant and a person sitting nearby is wearing an overpowering perfume, you can either allow the noxious smell to bother you, or not bother you. You have choices. You can get up and ask to be seated at another table, you can leave the restaurant taking your order with you, or you can just sit there and “do” perfume. It’s not much different then getting stuck in a rainstorm with no umbrella. You can piss and moan about how it ought not to be raining, after all you didn’t see it on your last check on the local radar before you headed out, you can chastise yourself for being stupid and not having an umbrella, or you and just “do” rain and give it a good laugh.

This is the power we have. We can stay in a state of mind that says, “I am happy until something bothers me,” or we can live in a state of mind and heart that recognizes that all things travel in ebb and flow. Negativity works this way. We carry around us ideas, assumption, beliefs and attitudes that may stem from our life experiences or may have come into our energy field from other peoples’ experiences that are designed to keep us feeling fear.

All the what if’s, all the personality flaws we have, our past errors, self-judgments, disappointments in ourselves and others, inability to forgive, inability to let go, blame, etc. We may think we aren’t negative, but think about what you complain to yourself and other’s about? Negativity is kind of protection against real or imagined harm and it really lives in our minds. Think about how much it matters that people at work like you, how you like feeling accepted, how you like your ideas to be considered. These are avenues of the mind because we worry about being left out, not being powerful enough, feeling a fear of losing control. These are fears associated with thoughts and are negative. It’s just what we have learned to do to survive and fit in.

Negativity does not live in the heart energy because there is no room there. Our heart’s are only compassion, unconditional love and forgiveness. This is what we are collectively here to learn. To live without judgment, to see all species as equals; everything belonging to the same family. It is the highest frequency we can vibrate within, a universal hum that sings the same harmonic note. It doesn’t mean we are all the same, it just means that our vibrational wavelength is love, recognizing that each singular part, when resonating it’s true note, is what makes the cosmic wheel go round.

When we practice negativity, we can’t see this. It’s impossible because the space is filled with darkness and the light can’t get in. As you begin to let go of the excuses you have made for yourself in life, like why you aren’t content, why you stay in a job or relationship you don’t prefer, why you don’t eat better why you put things off, you will notice that you have more energy.

Negativity is heavy, it carries physical and emotional weight. Gently, make room by committing to a campaign where you begin to focus on what is going well for you, what are you grateful for, what excites you. It is important that you don’t pretend to be all googled with love. If you feel upset, state that you feel upset. It’s okay to revel in some anger when we feel hurt. It’s just best to acknowledge it and not suppress it. If you suppress it, it will pop up later on, or seep out somewhere else in punitive, self-destructive or boiling until you lash out, usually at a really weird time, one in which the anger doesn’t match the situation. T

he other thing to be aware of is not to run from your feelings, as if they didn’t matter to you. It’s a good practice to do what Buddhism calls for and that is to bless the hurt. I remember when my children would have a cut on their leg or arm from a scrape on the playground, and I would bless the hurt by kissing it. It’s the same idea. Blessing our pain just means we are acknowledging it and when we acknowledge it, we move the energy upward and outward. It releases.

We then have space to replace the released hurt with new found wonder and excitement. Finally, it is essential to ask the pain or negativity what it is telling you. For instance, my cash flow goes up and down like the proverbial roller coaster and sometimes, when it is low, invariably a large expense will show up. It is uncomfortable and I have chosen to ask my pain to help me understand the cycle of expenses aligned with low cash flow. It has taught me to let go of limitations. When I limit myself by not allowing myself to expand creatively, perhaps trying to play it safe, this is when the situation shows up. This is an example of how we have to bless what is painful to learn a new gift waiting for us. In my case, when I truly allow myself to follow my highest source of inspiration, then a creative project presents itself, building my cash flow.

Image It is also a good practice to habitually write down who you bless, then let it go. Just say, “I bless the person who violated my trust.” I bless the person who said critical things of me,” say it, release it, then fill the space with beauty. …more on living in the heart next round… Blessings on your journey, Kathy