The lowdown on the vibrational upgrades

There is much happening in our three dimensional world relating to shifts in density that elicits a lot of wonderment, perhaps mixed with anxiety.  There is nothing to fear about any of the galactic shift, combined with evolutionary shift within Gaia itself.  We change everyday as situations require us to approach the challenges and gifts  along our path with a perceptual shift.  In addition, we undergo cellular alignments about every 5-7 years.  So we change without conscious awareness.

The prophecy criers often want people to be fearful and look for evidence to support doom and gloom fanatical thinking.  There is an upper hardwired agenda to promote anxiety, fear, hatred and to have brother turn against brother, it’s called the media.  Stories are written to capture attention that subconsciously resonates in the limbic brain, where we make fight or flight instinctual decisions.  We do not assess, analyze or evaluate, we just act from this center.  It is where we typically assess whether we feel a comfort with someone or a discomfort in less than 30 seconds.  When our gut centers are derailed through efforts to establish fear-I don;t have enough, I don’t make enough, What if I am alone, make the wrong career decision. not have job security, etc.  The common denominator is, I  lack.

What is very amazing about this critical time in humanity is our capacity to see through the veil of fear, self-doubt, violence and wars to somehow breathe a new way.  The new way is hope, faith, love and universal togetherness.  This won’t happen overnight, but it is happening.  The crucible for change always lies in the one undeniable thought, that you can make a difference.

We have been slaves to a rigged game.  We cannot win at the way the game is set up.  It is set up to support the 1% and that is the truth of it.  Remember, Earth is a school of constant learning.  We have been involved in this current cycle for thousands of years, and there is a primordial truth that rests in your DNA that knows peace, love and harmony. To know that it doesn’t feel right sometimes is because you have a memory when it was.  You see we have landed in a world of opposites where it’s easy to become embedded in conflict and contrast.

Try to see beyond the spoon fed sound bites that we are fed and this means from the most basic American apple pie thinking about the good guys and the bad guys. There are neither.  Politics is controlled by corporations.  To change our world, we must change our relationship to money, property and ownership.  These blankets of security appeared to underscore the first great lie; you don’t matter and the second great atrocity, that survival is a separatist endeavor, your on your own and only the fittest make it.  There is no us, but there sure is a them.

This is where competition and comparison come from, clinging to the misaligned construct that you are all alone.

I am emphasizing these realities, and have been a student of whom and how the masks are worn for over 12 years.  I want to tell you this because we have the power to change our collective stories, thereby rewriting some of the glued fabric and replacing it with a fiber of love.  To live from your heart (what animals and plants have been teaching us for the last 100 years in accelerated form) is the ONLY way we can make this happen.

Giving up our long held beliefs-we don’t matter and we are alone- is the best place to begin.  For starters, I am here for you, therefore you are not alone.   I believe that your soul talents and purpose are essential gifts to the world.  It’s nice that I salute who you are, but it is imperative that you honor the sacred within you.

Our 3-D lives of conditioned fears of the “I lack” are eroding.  Slowly, we are embarking on a higher way, not a linear way of forward movement, but an upward movement. The Earth and living Gaia are too important to the universal code to allow humans’ all by themselves to destroy it.  We have learned to purchase fear; it is a product, mass produced,that encourages apathy, despair, discord, darkness and distrust.

The truth is we are upgrading our frequencies by being self-aware.  When we are self-awre, we come to recognize the darker intents behind the curtain where the “great and powerful Oz” is hiding, to reveal it’s truer nature, which is us.  Yes, we are behind the curtain because we continue manufacturing ways to keep fear our comfortable friend.  If we have the power to manifest monsters, adversaries and fear of the unknown, then we also contain the power to write a fresh, collective story, one that goes something like this:

There is a place of green grass, real gardens, and the smell of fresh daisies in the field, smiling at the children laughing as they are taught school within the seat of nature, while artists draw an inspiring picture, and musicians find the notes of their songs, and bakers bake, and the trees are glancing downward at the love of it all.

If we envision a new world, as if it were already here, it’s downloading as we speak, then we can leave the destructive madness behind, as it will no longer serve any of us.

Here are some ways you can practice upgrading your frequency abd signs that it is already happening:

1.  Meditate, which means carve out 30 minutes of time and breathe.  Open to the sensation of your body, picture all your chakras rotating, getting larger and lighter.  Hear the sounds of light as life force energy enters your body, and just dwell there, gently pushing thoughts aside.

2. Let go of 3-D issues of lack, you will notice your need to buy will diminish

3. Practice seeing everyone as a brother and sister, not a boss, employee, lawyer, etc. We have to break the patterns of differences.

4. Let go of the past, stop projecting the future according to the present, and that you only have this moment.

5. You will notice that time feels fluid, a sensation of timeless will prevail.

6. You will begin to feel more positive and when 3-D challenges brush against you they won’t consume you.  You will notice no need to repeat your wounded stories

7. You will begin to feel a deep, inner peace, and you will start to notice more around you through the eyes of wonder and joy.

8. Unexplained things will begin to happen to you, encounters, people, experiences with higher realms.

9. What you imagine manifests. It already does, but now it will seem so obvious

10. You will feel guided and see signs of what to do net and where to go, and you will trust this guidance, rather then letting your mind buffer the experience.

11. You will experience divine energy in you and around you always, and that you can be no other than total divine love.

Practice, pay attention and allow yourself to enjoy your transformation