One More Day Up in the Canyon

The last few weeks have led me through open fields, dried of last season’s corn and soy, hues of golden brown, lined with purple and blue skies and as I combed and ran the fields and trails, the mystical and detailed non-ordinary world invited me in.  This was a time of embracing the interior by seeing what the outer world was echoing back to me, my inner sanctuary unfolding before my eyes.

When we wander and wonder a bit, especially as the season’s beckon us to move on, to prepare for the planting of the seeds, the morning rains and thickening dew on forest floor, we still seem to want to hold on to what has been.  The murmurs of change in the wind betwixt with cold mornings, softening in the afternoon and swirly sunscapes dancing across the sky.  We know change is coming, we know it is inevitable. It’s what we have all been talking about, anticipating with excitement, yearning for, anxiously waiting to come into being.

Yet, as I listen to the radio, catch a comedic video displaying an insane political, social world laced with humor to gently rattle us and I see many of the masses holding on, afraid to let go of what could be.  Is this how it is for you? Are we still living in the world of dichotomy, black or white, democrat or republican?  We talk of a world with greater kindness, where cars, electronics and mass technology have their role and function,  not a dominating, cerebral force, a substitute for the thinking and creative mind, a world that is greener in every way possible.

Transformation is already happening. I often know what winter will be like by July. I can sense, see and observe changes long before it hits.  Changes in soil, water, trees, plants, animal behavior, winds, and there is a distinctive smell that welcomes the next season.  I know in spring what the fall will be like as this is the symbolic and literal time to plant the seeds of the next adventure. This spring is unprecedented.  Time is accelerating, or at least it feels that way.  We are speeding up.  I am seeing hummingbirds in February, the bluest of skies, sparkling displays of falling stars and an indigo canopy of stars lighting the night sky.

Talks are circulating about a great disclosure this year, an unveiling of other helpers on and around this planet.  Our plate runneth over, we have so many tributaries to explore, both internal and within the arms of our earth mother.  Now, is the time to seek higher guidance, now is the time to go inward and ask poignant questions within the castle of your soul. Now, is the time to know your shadows, to watch the dance of shadow figures within your ego walls and understand what the shadows are here to teach you.

Shadows are unloved parts of ourself, the parts that we have learned to push down, deny or loathe.  Sometimes, they can feel dark and unattractive, but they are an integral part of our soul growth.  During this spring equinox, ask yourself, what parts are holding you back from feeling completely in awe of your aliveness?  These are practices that are often recycled because we haven’t fully embraced them, so you will see them show up in patterns at work, in your personal growth and in your relationships.

As you further delve deeper into the canyon of your interior, spend some time embracing aspects of your character, thank these aspects (such as judgment), then allow yourself to release judgment and make a note of how and when judging parts show up.  At our net Get Centered gathering, connectors will have an opportunity to release through ceremony, ritual and song, ways to call the spirits in to awaken, release and allow the full return of wholeness.

As we continue to rest upon the precipice of change, soul retrieval, extraction and clearings are beautiful ways to move into your soul life, a life blessed with joy and peace.  When shadow parts darken our path, it is harder to move into a space of living life with clarity and seeing your way, the ways of the earth.  Clearing the debris from your energetic body, the soul body has a chance to reclaim itself.  When parts are healed, transformed and fully released, we can then turn our attention to the vibrational wonders and beings around us.  We can shift our focus to matters of the heart!

See you on the 18th if you can make it.  Book an energy or counseling session today!

Blessings on your journey,








Developing Psychic Impressions Through Touch

This is an article to share if you are attending the Get Centered Wellness Through Mindfulness Group held in Boalsburg, PA, or if you are a follower of energy healing.

We will focus on sensory impressions through touch as it is one of the easiest psychic channels to work with.  We are gathering impressions all the time when we touch an object, shake somebody’s hand or give and receive a hug.  We are hard wired to sense, feel, and understand the world around us because it allows us a window in on how safe we feel, whether a situation or person is trustworthy, and it opens many dimensional doorways to the world around and within us.

The practice is called psychometry and involves receiving impressions of objects handled by others through the sensation of touch.  Impressions can come in many ways.  For example, at our paranormal group meeting a few years ago we often would pass an object and share our “reading” of the object.  When I touched an old bell, I immediately smelled a cellar of vegetables and stored canned fruits.  It was an over powering aroma that involved smell and taste.  I then felt a woman ringing the bell for school and could “see” her on a porch feeling a cool wind blow.  I could tell that her personality was full of vigor, humor and that she especially loved reading.  I “knew” that she had a particular facial feature that she felt self conscious about and often pulled her hair in a way to cover it.  Much of this was  validated by the granddaughter of the woman whose object it originally belonged.

I was never given the history or owner of the bell prior to the reading, which often works best for me.  This is an example of a psychic reading.  The information flows easily when not censored, questioned or dismissed. When we first practice touching an object, it may feel that you are imagining impressions, however, it is important to just trust whatever comes through.

Let me walk you through how to practice.  It’s especially fun when you keep a journal of all your discoveries. The most common types of impressions come through physically, emotionally, auditory and in images. For instance, a physical impression may be something like a feeling of itching at the ear, or a leg pain.  Or, you may feel warm, tingly, cold, or prickly.  Physical impressions often happen in a handshake with someone as well.  Simply notice the next time you shake hands the physical impression of how you register the sensation in your physical body.

If you lean more toward receiving physical impressions than it’s likely this is one of your primary sensory modalities in receiving psychic information.  Learn to trust it.  It is telling you something about the person or object you are reading.  In the case of a leg pain, it may help you pinpoint the person (if you don’t know who they are in a room full of people) because you may notice that the person’s pain came from a fall or accident and you can sense how he/she may be emotionally connected to the pain.  It doesn’t happen to me all that often, but I know many great psychics who sense in their own body the pain of another, who just “know” the person is having some physical issue.

The emotional channel of receiving impressions means that as you hold an object, do you start to feel happy, tense, sad, angry or silly. Sometimes this may happen in a story unfolding, or you may have a sudden memory of a song.  Emotions can feel scattered and incomplete.  For instance,  I had worked with a woman who asked me to read her ring.  I often don’t look at an object first, although typically you should look at and talk about out loud to beginning tuning in to the resonance of it.  However, for whatever reason, I wanted to hold it ,but not see it.  Immediately, I sensed a giddy peacefulness, a lightness and a boldness all at once.  I felt solid, headstrong and determined, creative and abundant.  I also felt lucky and the image of the cereal box ‘Lucky Charms’ popped through.  When I opened my eyes I saw that in the center of the ring was a lucky shamrock or 4-leave clover design.  It was her engagement ring, she was an artist and just sold her first series of paintings.

Auditory impressions are less common, but they do occur especially when someone who has passed is attempting to use the object’s energy field to make contact with the owner.  Impressions could be ringing, buzzing, the feeling that you are hearing a message in thought form.  You won’t actually hear it through the auditory channel, but you may sense a word or phrase.  Sometimes, a message may sound like it’s coming in the room and it can.  An example might be hearing a loud balloon pop because the object was connected to a big celebration.

Imagery impressions often come in the form of symbols known to that person. It is designed to relay information to your subconscious mind (the mind of symbols) so that your conscious mind can communicate what they are.  Images can come rapidly, with no reason or order.  We interpret the image to the person without giving it judgment or question.  For instance, if I see or sense a train, smell the dust of a rodeo, or see a family scrambling in a basement from a tornado, I then relate those images.  Often, we can tell the meaning, but often we can’t.  It takes practice to know that certain symbols will have a meaning for you.  For example, when I see the statute of liberty, then, I know that the family came to Ellis Island.  Sometimes, I might feel their plight, poverty or stoicism along with the image.

Sitting down to read your object.  At our group, each person brings her or his own object without showing anyone.  We will place them all in a basket and each person will choose one for a reading.

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit.
  2. Take several cleansing breaths.
  3. Close your eyes and see a red rose in front of your face.  As you see the rose imagine it catching on fire, melting and crumbling to black before your eyes.  Do this 3 times. (this is how we clear your channel)
  4. Next, imagine that you are walking to your favorite room in your house, or an imaginary room wherever you wish (I often imagine a psychic chamber where I am wearing white, sitting in a beautiful purple chair after descending 10 steps).  Imagine walking down 10 steps, with each descending step becoming more relaxed.  With each descending step imagine that you are becoming a clear channel and you are opened to receive all impressions.
  5. Now, sit in your imaginary place and relax and breathe
  6. See it as an enjoyable game.
  7. The biggest thing to remember is to keep an open mind. Allow any information to come through, don’t hold back.
  8. Tune in to your object.  Look at it, hold it, and get a feeling.  Say what it is: I am holding a dainty emerald ring. It has two stone, an inscription. It feels solid, yet fragile. This is how you are tapping into the energy.
  9. Now, sense, feel density, texture, color, softness, hardness, roundness, smooth, rough…and then keep going with whatever comes.  You can write down everything before you meet with the owner of the object.  Try not to look around the room to guess who the owner is because you may add attributes based on who you think it belongs to.

This is also a great exercise to share with friends and family and at parties.  Always practice in a group that can give you feedback, is supportive and non-competitive.


Enjoy reading objects and the basis of psychometry.  If you would like additional classes or workshops or personal readings, please give me a call at 607-857-3852.  Objects can also be photos of animals, people and places


Blessings 1000509261001_1822989426001_BIO-Biography-22-Hollywood-Directors-Alfred-Hitchcock-115949-SF on your journey,







You Can Shake The World

The answer my friend is blowin in the wind……

Learning to harness the power of our complex minds is like trying to catch the wind.  We know what we know, but seem to resist the changes we need to make to create a sense of wholeness and a diminishing complex life.

As a person who works with people who are inundated with beliefs and stuck points that seem to block the total self from coming into complete aliveness, I have begun to ask myself a series of questions that assist me in lifting up the rocks and seeking answers to why we hold on to beliefs that clearly are out of alignment with what a person measures as the true or natural self.

When we come into alignment with our true, full, whole nature then we can really shake up our worlds.  It’s the beliefs that we carry that separate us from this possibility.  In my humble voice I sense that too many people don’t realize how valuable they really are.  It is this de-valuing that cultivates false beliefs about not being good enough, or the many traumatic scars that remind one of a self beyond repair.

It disheartens me to see anyone carry this falsehood and then create realities that keep one in their perceived place of anxiety, depression, or countless cycling through the idea that one is mentally unstable or a slave to some genetic idea that emotional angst is hardwired.

What is hardwired are subconscious programs, but programs can be cleared and implanted with healthy imaging and feelings.  The trick is to expand, explore and investigate what programs you may be playing out in all relationships with power, finances, security, sexuality, career as it relates to communication, goal setting and envisioning a fully alive experience.

I see the same threads repeated.  We simply take in and absorb the data that surrounds us at an age when we don’t have the language to comprehend the landscape of the exterior world.  For instance, if you grew up with worry that there would never be enough money no matter how hard you worked, then most likely you will work hard as an adult and never feel satisfied.  Or, if you grew up believing that you weren’t smart enough, then you may allow others to manage your will, be your authority so that you don’t have to activate that fear.

In this model  of reality you are not blaming anyone.  It is your download about someone else’s story, a story that doesn’t really belong to you, but one that you carry.  We have hundreds of stories that we build our lives around that operate outside our awareness.  This is most evident in our long term relationships, such as marriage, as we carry two separate subconscious worlds amplified within the new coupled experience.  Therefore, couples play the programs typically when they become afraid of a perceived threat to their existence, or way of being.  For instance, if one partner is a bit more perfectionistic about things being in their place, you can pretty much guarantee the other partner is messier and doesn’t like to be told what to do.  In marriage counseling, if the therapist doesn’t understand subconscious programs he or she may create exercises that address organization, task division or communication about expectations, but if the underlying program isn’t addressed it will just pop up somewhere else.

In this case, we may want to ask what beliefs about perfection, or fears about disorder one possesses, and likewise, what beliefs about fear of control, or constraint the other might possess. This places the program on the table to be looked at and cleared, and it keeps the blame game to a minimum.

It is very easy to get caught up in a lifestyle of not accessing one’s true potential mostly because we don’t think that way.  We don’t think about what would happen if we were operating at 100% full capacity of our aliveness.  We often think we are conserving energy by getting by in life, doing only what is needed at work or in relationships as a compromise, or perhaps a helpless belief that it doesn’t really matter.  We can’t affect things, it’s beyond our scope.

But, if we understood that it is only thru the activation of your highest self that your world gets shaken and this is where the jewel of life lives.  The point here is that circumstances in your life are of little consequence.  That may sound like I am downplaying traumas and uncomfortable experiences and yes, I am.  In truth, we often call upon, create and manifest experiences to bring alive something we need for the journey in life.  This isn’t to say that many experiences are uncomfortable, of course they are, but they are not the total you.  In fact, they represent a fragment of the larger quantum pie.  So, if you lost a parent when you were young, had to take care of a parent or sibling, or experienced sexual or physical abuse, then look for the expanded text of the experience.

If one is sexually abused does it necessarily mean one is damaged?  If one is sexually abused does it mean there can be no positive, loving connections in life?  Is there only mistrust, guardedness, feelings of shame and disgust?  No, one can see that it helped create a caution, increase boundaries, examining the true intentions of others’, detaching to get a better perspective, an inner strength, etc.

So, within each experience lies the contents of a grander story, a story that provides hope, renewal, inspiration and dedication to living a life that is inclusive to all the troubled souls, one that says, yes, everyone has had something happen to them.  It is seeing beyond the something to expand a version of reality that begins to say, “even though these things happened to me,” or “in spite of all that has happened,” that there is still a deeper story to write, one that includes possibilities, not limitation, excitement, not despair, lightness, not darkness, expansion, not constraint.

Helping people move beyond perceptual blocks literally is a full time job and is grounded in a culture that believes our bodies and minds are locked into a conditional pattern that includes the insane belief that there is nothing one can do about their depression or anxiety.  I hear it everyday.  Nothing could be further from this dismal truth.  Medication is not the answer, it only excites or inhibits energy, but it doesn’t change core beliefs, and it never will.

You are the dreamer of your dream.  Learn to dream yourself into being the you that you have always imagined that you are by letting go of false ideas of unworthiness and despair.  Stop drinking the kool aid…stop letting others’ decide for you who you are.  No one knows you better than you, no one.  Allow yourself to be free of the chains that bind you to an outdated  system of belief that isn’t serving your highest excitement.

As always call, text, email for an appointment.

Blessings on your journey

The Disordered Mind: Bringing balance and harmony to your world

If you have read any of my blogs thus far, then you know I espouse the idea that our minds are a supplier of infinite wisdom and power.  The conscious mind embodies our loves, intimacies, texture, hopes, dreams and creates strategies, goals and expectations  It is the juice of our authentic living.  However, saying hello to the conscious mind only occurs about 5% of our days.

What is really running the mind show?  We know that our subconscious models of realities, the things we say to ourselves that blocks joy, creativity and authentic living operate center stage about 95% of the time.  It pops in whenever we become distracted (television watching, computer surfing, texting, abuse of alcohol, drugs, etc.), or are facing a scene in which fear is greater than the love that we have for ourselves and others.

The beauty lies in understanding how to decrease models of realities from interfering with conscious living,so that we can be free to embrace the infinite palace of possibilities that is our true birthright.

One of the challenges in unleashing the you that is you is to recognize when an old program is playing.  Begin to ask yourself a few questions.  For example, what labels have been given to you from living a disordered mind?  Have you been told that you are bipolar, depression, ADHD, OCD, addicted, workaholic, bulimic, etc?  I work with many individuals and when they come in to see me for a session, the first thing they articulate is their label. It is interesting because I never see the label, I only see a being who has chosen from an array of possibilities to manifest a style of expressing pain through a medium of a fear reduction strategies.

Many people that are having these experiences of fear (all disorders come from fear) walk into a psychiatrists office and within 10 minutes are assigned a label and subsequent medication to reduce the effects of the label.  By the time people come to people like me they may have been on 5-7 medications and mixtures of medications with the concept presented that the right combination just hasn’t been cornered yet.

There is no medication that will alter a disordered mind.  Medications are only capable of suppressing energy, or exciting energy so that a person extinguishes the high, avoids the lows and stays within a comfortable hum.

As you bring more balance and harmony in your world be cautious about what others say you are.  Yes, your patterns and behaviors may match what a book catalogs, but browse through all the disorders that can easily be accessed by googling them.  You will see that you conveniently overlap with over a dozen.  The bottom line is you are experience living and you have come to believe that when things go wrong (your expectation isn’t realized), then there is something wrong with you.

The mind cannot be catalogued.  It is always shifting and bringing in insight, awareness, confusion, confluence and meaning.

The real gem of understanding the blocks that you carry is to play detective and ask yourself, what am I afraid of? It is the simplest and most honest approach in self-discovery and yes, most of our fears have been downloaded from images, memories, conversations and models of realities that we have been told or witnessed as infants and children.

For instance, if you grew up in a household in which a parent chose alcohol to numb unhappiness, you then may have copied the pattern, or chosen a partner to replicate the pattern because your subconscious mind may be playing a program that says, “the few times my father interacted with me was when he was drunk.” or “I had to take charge of the household because mother was passed out.” As a result, a person may learn to create intimacy around the absence of another, or be the controller over other peoples’ lives, or even to say “I must prove myself worthy and lovable because if I was lovable father wouldn’t have been unhappy. Therefore, I am never enough.”

It is simply amazing the stories we wield that stem from incongruent thinking and it is equally amazing how our thought energy permeates into all aspects of our cells, memories, bodies and minds.

How to correct the disordered mind.  As you begin to ask yourself, what fears are holding me back?  Images will pop up.  For instance, as a wanderer and explorer of landscape, I once got into trouble by my father for wandering to a friends house in a snow storm.  It seemed perfectly logical to me to enjoy a winter’s walk, but to him my safety was in question.  After about a 2 hour walk I could feel his anger and irritation even before I could see the car coming to a halt next to me.  At that point I downloaded a model of reality that says, a) don’t disappoint others, b) never venture too far or something bad will happen to you, c) you are selfish.

This is an example of how our subconscious mind takes in a pattern and then that story plays out in daily interactions.  As the images pop up, begin the practice of saying, “Even though I have this fear of________(starting a new relationship, taking a test, telling someone the truth, forgiving someone), I deeply love and accept myself.” Continue with…”this fear…this fear that has been holding me back has crippled me, it has taken all of my energy and time and I am tired of being afraid.”  At this point, check within your body to see where you feel this.  If it’s in your chest, say “this fear that lives in my chest. I can’t breathe, my breath feels cut off, my breath feels wounded, my breath is afraid to exhale and let go.”

As you do this, breathe deeply and say. “I am allowing myself to breathe deeply. I am allowing myself to breath in new possibilities. I am allowing myself to exhale what no longer serves me.”

Now, say “this fear has taken a toll on me. I have kept it close like a warm blanket, but now it is interfering with me wanting _________in my life. I choose to let it go, maybe not all at once, but I can feel my strength coming in. I can sense that I know what to do about____________and it is feeling good now.”

As you go through this process (there are ways to tap this into your meridians…contact me and I can help you with this) begin to sense where in your body you notice any relief, or where you may notice a new image, feeling or heaviness.

The point of this exercise is that your infinite mind has the capacity to create harmony within your body and emotions.  You are a team and as a team you are also connected to Source and Oneness.  You are never alone on this journey.  Again, this is an engrained subconscious pattern that our culture conditions us to believe: that we are separate and are incapable of feeling safe.

Almost every situation and person I encounter in my practice has powerlessness and helplessness placed in a container of denying love to the self at the core.

You can contact me at 607-857-3852 for further assistance.  Blessings on your journey!  KathyIMG_8336

The End of the Road

To come to the end of the road generally means there is nothing left to unravel, mystery solved, all that needs to have been learned, has. Hey, wait. Back up the bus.

The end of the road can also mean the things that have yet to be uncovered. Have you ever walked a dead-end road (of course the sign is at the end :)) knowing that there has got to be some path leading you even further to some unknown destiny?

You may peer beyond the tree lines, hoping to sense something more, but because you see no trodden foot prints, deer tracks or remnants of winter truck tracks, you slowly turn around and retreat back to the beginning.

To ponder once more an new road.

The new road may appear to be new, but the old road remains within you and around you. The old road, like a nostalgic friend, not always pleasant, but constant rides shotgun while you trek another new path.

This time, you say, it’s going to be different. This time I know where the land mines are and I can straddle them, hop them, or avoid them all together.

Guess what?

You can’t. And when the old road meets the new road, you are stunned, shocked and disbelieving. How, you say, could this happen? I chucked it, sent it into the cosmos, or surely on the tail of a rocket, and yet, here I am meeting the same road again.

Well, here’s how it works. When we haven’t cleared our old programs, you know, the programs that say things like, “As long as you sacrifice yourself for others, you will be loved.” As hard as you work, you will never make enough money.” “You are worthless.” “You are helpless.” “When you get the weight you desire, then you can be happy.” “When you make enough money, then you can enjoy life.”

The list goes on and on for each person and the list will be different kinds of messages for each person. Each message that gets downloaded into your subconscious plays 24/7, the DJ that never stops playing the hits.

This is why, when we imagine that if we cleared that person from our marriage, our work environment, or that account that gets paid off, that we will be on a new road.

Sure, there are times, when it’s healing not to see friends that you feel harmed by, or family members that have disappointed you, but it’s not about them. It’s about the messages in your head, may be placed in there by “them,” but it’s your recording, not theirs.

So, to truly be on a new road, we have to re-program the part of our mind that is in charge of playing the tape. We cannot ever change the message by consulting the mind where the program is located. For instance, if you experienced severe rejection or abandonment at 5, then you cannot heal that program by talking to a 5 year old. Now, can we?

So, your opportunity is to tune in to that feeling, deep emotion such as anxiety to find the location of the original wound. If you notice that you feel anxious every time you choose to speak publicly, then simply acknowledge that you have this deep anxiety about speaking.

As you acknowledge this feeling, say to yourself, “Even though I have this anxiety about public speaking, I deeply love and accept myself” “This anxiety keeps me from speaking in public.” It reminds me of the time when_________________. I can still feel that feeling now. I want so much to be able to talk publicly, that sometimes I am ashamed of myself. This shame reminds me of a time when____________________. Even though this shame is still with me and I feel it_____________, I deeply love and accept myself. This shame has prevented me from feeling confident and self-assured. I choose to picture myself as confident, beaming with confidence, completely safe and assured.”

The above script is away to practice how to break down the circuitry involved in subconscious programming. This style of healing does not place blame on others. It gently acknowledges the feelings that you may have been afraid to own for various reasons.

It is the crucible to healing. You will notice that we gently call into ourselves the emotions, and at the same time, we create the image of what we choose to do instead

Now, as you go to the end of the road, you will see the beautiful line of forested trees beckoning you to follow a new path. A path that clears you and prepares you for the next adventures in happiness.

Blessings on your journey,

Awakening the Mind: How to get out of your own way

The funny thing about our mind is that it is comprised of two distinctive features that rarely gather in the same room. It goes like this: At birth, and just before, our developing minds tend to live within the theta brainwave frequency. This is the same wavelength that we experience during daydreaming, upon awakening in the morning; that feeling of drifting. It is a hypnogogic-like trance and last for about the first 6 years of our life. After that, our conscious thoughts arise and our conscious minds begin to operate, however, only with about a 5% capacity.

What is operating, however, at 95% capacity is the mind that is so influenced in those first few theta years, the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind continues to read programs that we experience and files it in storage. Programs such as how to read, how to drive a car, how to prepare food, etc. are kept “on file.” This frees the conscious mind from having to relearn every skill, every time. We don’t consciously think about how to tie our shoes every time we put them on. The subconscious storage allows us to pull material from our memories, such as images, sensory experiences and early impressions of the world.

The subconscious mind doesn’t judge, make analyses, it just plays back experiences that we have stored. In short, it is the major operating system of our lives, and our conscious mind barely knows of its existence.

This is what happens next. We are living our lives according to the subconscious tape, however, the subconscious tape is playing belief systems that includes thoughts, images and experiences that may not be in alignment with who you think you are consciously. If we can see the subconscious mind as a program, a programming of other peoples’ belief systems, that include their early impressions that were programmed in their belief systems, we can see how many layers that exist in our theta patterns of auto suggestion. For example, we often grow up believing that we are incapable of knowing the answers to our problems, such as health, in life. Think about your earliest memory for being sick as a child. What did more or dad do? Most likely, make an appointment to see the doctor. It is interesting that research reflects that 70% of people get better (the symptoms dissipate) on the way to the doctor’s office. Just knowing that relief is in sight, or the anticipation of relief may happen, we alter our health.

This is how powerful our subconscious minds are. Our conscious minds, that creative day to day mind, is taking its directive from all this programming. It is not to suggest that programming is positive or negative, but unfortunately most of our conscious lives are playing off the same record that blocks or limits our lives in some way. For instance, there may be an early belief that conflict is bad. Maybe you were told that a good girl or a good boy never challenged authority. As an adult, this may transfer to not being assertive at work in relationships, or not challenging the authority of a belief, a claim of authenticity in a product, or simply going along with things you internally don’t believe in.

At some point, the conscious life goes awry. We simply cannot figure out why our plans in life don’t work for us. In the case above, an individual is living a program (If I choose to challenge, it will cause great conflict creating anxiety and abandonment from my family…something like that and that would be horrible and unbearable) that is in conflict with how they would like to be. You may practice affirmations, set goals, have a good cry, argue with yourself, but none of these methods will be effective.

The reason that these strategies fail is because the subconscious program has been written, you are following the script, but you are unaware that the script even exists. This is why certain forms of “talk therapy” fail. We cannot talk it out because we are talking to the 5%, the part that is not connected to the whole system.

This is what I have found to be helpful in changing programs, by first discovering what they are. Make a list of all the areas of your life that aren’t working for you, such as financial power, relationship fulfillment, health, habits, life purpose, fun, and work/career interests. After you have made your list, then ask the question, what feeling do I connect with this issue, what do I want that isn’t happening for me? Write the feeling down that you sense/feel or just know is surrounding that issue. For instance, if you are struggling with intimacy and love, maybe you feel hopeless, a loss of joy, anger, grief, etc. Now, ask yourself to create an image around the first time you recall feeling that way. Images may pop up that have nothing to do with what is happening now, just go with it. An image may pop up of reaching for a piece of toast at 6 and being slapped across the hand and told to wait your turn. In this case, we record the message that it is not okay to ask for what one wants, or one must wait that turn in life.

The messages that are recorded in our subconscious then just press play and we live off this image, except we are unaware of how we have coded it in our lives, how it serves to limit us from fully alive experiences. Keep going with your list, your images and your feelings.

When you are done, spend some time in meditation, listen to guided meditation, or simply relax and begin to allow yourself to meet these parts of yourself that are locked within a storage center. One way to re-write the script is to imagine a different you, a preferred you through daydreaming, imagining and using healing words.

This is only a beginning step, but you will see how your daily operating system is embedded in old recordings that have played out scenes that keep you blocked. If you would like assistance on reprogramming your subconscious mind, you can reach me through my website at and at A Journey to You located in State College, PA

Blessings on your journey,

Planetary Initiation: Love is all there is

Lately, it seems as if we have been dropping even deeper into a delicious deep dish of a learning curve pushing us gently upward toward an infinite and endless understanding of all that we are.

As a seeker of truths and one who has spent many years absorbing and digesting articles, books, films and conversations from other truth seekers, and even writing my own book, it finally feels like we are somehow getting it.

It is like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz learning that within her lies all the answers and Alice in Wonderland,squeezing herself into small to return more expansive, that we glean what we simply have missed along. Foremost, that we are all involved in an endless journey of knowing and evolution. It has always been and always will be. Secondly, the journey persists until we begin to tip our understanding toward service to others, versus service to self. We are dedicated helpers, healers, builders of light, pouring our selves in the image of the ONE Mind into all that we bring forth into the world. When we dedicate our path to that of others, and this doesn’t meant the self doesn’t benefit, because what is in the whole is in the self and what is within the self is in the holographic whole, more so, it is our intent that determines the difference. Thirdly, the journey is never separated or isolated. We embark within source and sources are within us. We have guidance and intuition that leads us to the right thing at the right time, and we receive synchronistic messages to get our attention when we get distracted.

So, that’s the journey.

The big questions seekers ask, “Why, do we go through all this?” “Do we reincarnate?” “How do I learn to trust my instincts?” “Is there a higher purpose?” “Why can’t I access my spirits, or if I am, why can’t I see them?”

So many questions and the answers are many. Suffice to say that we go through this until we open our hearts to the point where the language of the heart becomes first nature. Currently, our minds is what we often resort to, to think our way through things, to analyze, problem solve, judge, evaluate, predict, etc. We open our hearts to those we love and that state of mind and feeling will eventually become automatic. In order for that to happen, where every thought is a loving thought, we practice. We often don’t seek situations that teach us love, because quite frankly they can be painful, so we often avoid them. Instead, our wake up calls are provided for us in the form of stress. This is the planetary initiation and it is happening now.

The universe is comprised of soul initiations. As souls inhabiting the earth, our soul group is a collective consciousness on pace with what is happening between, within and around the planets. We are experiencing some rough waters. Haven’t you noticed literally the wind is strong and blowing constantly? Everything that is happening within the membranes of the galaxy are happening with each person in a way designed to awaken.

We are still asleep, but more are awakening. 2012 was the beginning of a vast vibrational shift, time is changing, we are recognizing that we are moving within realities, dreams are taking us places, dreams are more vivid and people from our past are visiting us in dreams with distinct messages. Our financial systems and governmental systems are crumbling because we have been slaves to deception and have lost our empowered path as powerful beings. It is happening to help us by helping us surrender wealth and power, to understand that wealth is a misaligned concept to love, and to take our power back. We have mistakingly authorized those in power to govern us and now, we understand, there is no benevolence, just profit at the sake of the many.

It isn’t any angry response, but a loving response to the work that lies ahead in learning to trust our own instincts, and our hearts. It isn’t that wealth in itself is evil, but when not aligned with loving, humanitarian and ecological principles, it harms.

If this isn’t happening to you, it will as you meditate, clear and launch a service to others approach (51% of your energetic investment).

It is my sense, and many others too, that 2014 and moving into 2015 will significantly and permanently alter our consciousness, even affecting DNA We are more capable then every before in psychic intuition, telepathy, astral traveling and expanding in our compassion to drop judgment by embracing diversity and giving up personal wars.

We can access the deeper loving parts of ourselves by embracing stressful times, because this is the initiation. How do we handle job loss, divorce, disease, dying friends, homelessness and sometimes all at once? With a loving heart. This is how we past the test. No matter what is thrown at you, a) you are never alone it’s happening to everyone, b) you have a choice to be bitter, a victim or a triumphant healer of yourself and others and c) understand that we are letting go of an old system of those who have and those who don’t and are entering into a new system of everyone shares.

Reach out, connect, humble yourself, let go of anger and choose loving thoughts

Blessings on your journey, Kathy