Courageous Dreaming Workshop: Dreaming your life into being

Courageous Dreaming


In the quiet space of our own heart lives the center of our imagination, full of desires and wishes for our dreams to come alive. Sometimes, in the bustle of everyday, we ignore, push down, or do not permit ourselves to dream our life into being.

Courageous Dreaming is a sacred place that calls forth the dreamer in you. As a participant you will learn to harness dreams of every shape and size, from the silly to the sincere. Courageous Dreaming is an invitation to experience the dynamic, playful and sincere you in a peaceful and tranquil setting.

You will journey and discover how to access early imprints of soul making and though group dialogue reclaim the dreamer within

You will gain understanding of how to remember and interpret night dreaming and how to dream weave these messages into your life. 

You will experience the power of thought energy in group exercises that will surprise and awaken you to form-making.

You will learn what blocks your potential and the process of uncovering these blocks

You will create your own visual dream board filled with all that you are becoming, and as a tool of daily inspiration encouraging you to stay on the path you are living

You will achieve ways to communicate intent, how to clear communication blocks and how to remain true to you by standing in your own light.

The day is filled with guided meditations that will help you awaken to your deeper self, assist you in remembering the beliefs that have created stuck points in your development, introduce you through partnering how to dialogue to clean up our communication and help you rewrite sacred contracts with yourself.  You will engage in thought provoking exercises that examine our fears about scarcity and lack, and explore the larger picture of our world in which the agenda is to keep humans enslaved to serving the 1%

 Participants will examine inner world dreaming, learn the 10 steps to becoming a more intuitive self, a self that knows all the answers, and learn to see the clues in every day life that is full of meaning through symbols, directing our path as we gently awaken.

  Participants will also have an opportunity to meet their future self, to dialogue and walk in the shows of their own future in the making

Fee: $165.00

A full culinary lunch is included with vegan and vegetarian options.  This will be held at the Beattie Sanctuary, a 27-acre retreat nestled in the heart of Cazenovia, in the town of Pompey.  Overnight lodging is available on site. Please let us know how many in your party and we encourage you to contact us early for lodging requests.

The spacious estate can accommodate 30 participants and includes time outdoors, experiential exercises, group sharing and quiet meditation.Image

The aim of the workshop is to assist participants in opening to the infinite ways that imagination aligned with focus and intent can manifest the core dreams that everyone beholds, but very few act on. This is an opportunity to discover, awaken and express the dreamer within.


Registration information:

Phone: 607-857-3852

Facilitator: Kathy Pettet M.A., M.Ed., NCC, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counselor, Life Coach and Experiential Educator,