Wheels of Light: Learning Chakras Healing and Balancing

IMG_5783Chakras are spirals of energy that house biographical (your past,present and future) information within our bodies.  In some ways they can be visualized as whees of light rotating like petals on a flower, spinning at different frequencies around 7 main areas of our bodies.

Each of the 7 chakras manifest energy through color.  Each vibration, when it rotates, spins a color frequency.  This is what people refer to as an aura.  Auras are just light reflecting from the chakra centers and illuminating whatever frequencies are manifesting.  Auras just hold the color of what we are experiencing.  When we are in a healing state of mind, the frequency is often bright blue, as blue lights our right hemisphere of the brain, where primary healing begins.

In Reiki, the energy centers are charged with emotional lightness or heaviness, thought energy and behavioral patterns.  When we are touching the field around the chakra, we may sense, coldness, heath, excess heat or stillness. These are simple identifying characteristics of how healthy the chakra feels.  When we are experiencing a Reiki session, the energy centers contain an intuitive knowledge knowing what to release, how much and where the source of discontent may be located.  Most of our chakras spin in healthy clockwise fashions, but when we are holding on to such things as anger, grief, shame, doubt, etc., our energy can spin in different directions, further indicating an imbalance.

The aim of energy healing is to align the chakras, so that mind, body, emotions and spirit can have communication with each other, assisting the individual in manifesting her or his life in a fulfilling manner.

One way to experience chakra energy is to have a direct experience with your own energy field.  Hold your hands upright palms facing each other.  Hold your hands about 3 inches apart, and notice what you feel.  Now 6 inches apart and do the same thing.  Now, like a rubber band, move your hand toward each other, then back again.  Notice the sensations.  Now, concentrate on pushing energy so that it is condensed between the hands.  Now pull energy.  Our concentration is that focus that helps us understand that we are inseparable from our energy field.  Now, hold your fingers up so that you can see the space between your fingers.  Look for the energy between these spaces.  Cool, huh?

Let’s walk through understanding each chakra. This will be a brief overview and I encourage you to continue exploring as their is so much to understanding the many dimensional energies that exist around you.

The first chakra is called the root, is red in color and represents physical matter in the world we inhabit.  It is located at the base of the spine.  Our focus in this chakra is on self preservation, abandonment, rejection, loss and fears of alienation.  The root system is all about survival.  It’s key energy dwells in the house of family, community and the general sense of tribal survival.  In ancient times, and still in indigenous cultures, tribal members’ establish rituals of conformity that guarantee’s safety, security based on mores’ and values.  When the root chakra is mature and healthy it recognizes the ONENESS of all beings, it is unity focused.  When it is still developing, it sees “us and them” thinking.  In our family systems, it is the area in which we question beliefs of the tribe.  Such issues as, “Will I earn enough to survive?” “Who will take care of me?” “Whom is it okay to love?”  “What kind of work is acceptable for me to do?”

This is the chakra that involves wars over religions, dogmas, and challenging the family culture.  The root is influenced by our early experiences as security, reliability and consistency of parent-giving roles.  The theme is self-acceptance, for if the tribe isn’t perceived as accepting, then who is it safe to love or be loved by?

A person may experience an imbalanced root through phobias (fear of the dark, fear of loss of control), anxieties, insomnia, etc., The main developmental theme is honoring all life.  We can balance this chakra by honoring our person al code, standing up for one’s self and through physical movement.

Questions to ask yourself: How much influence does the past have on your current behavior? Is there unfinished business that needs healing from your family of origin? Where are  you playing a victim roll?

The second chakra’s energetic work relates to the dynamic of self and other, such as our intimate relationships in relation to sex, money, power, status, approval and control.  It is referred to as the sacral chakra.  We can locate the area just below the naval area, about 2 inches.  This is the area of personal empowerment as seen through the lens of personal boundaries and relationships to authority, social conformity and social expectations.  The color is orange and is also associated with passion, creativity, the birthing of ideas and procreation. The element connected is water.  How in flow are you with your life?  Where do you feel damed up? When imbalanced, we may distance ourselves from emotions or engage in pleasure seeking themes to nourish our emotional vacuum.  We may distance ourselves through obesity, addictions to substances, sex and spending or hoarding money.

Where the first chakra’s statement to the world is, “I AM,” the second is “I FEEL.”  Emotions flow fluidly when we are in touch with how we feel about our bodies, our sensations to taste, to the sensual world we live in.  The opposite feeling is shame and doubt, negative feelings about expressing our true, authentic self through creative endeavors.  This is where we may hold back on a beautiful talent to the world as we have learned that if we freely give it away, we lose control over it.

The second chakra does see the world as black/white, evil/good when it is immature.  When mature this chakra’s aim is to help us honor the sacred union with others.  Questions to consider are: what blocks your dreams? Do you compromise your ethics? How much are  you controlled by money? What kind of relationships do you desire?  What is healthy for you?  How much power do you give away in order to feel liked? How do you withhold power?

The third chakra’s color is yellow and it is referred to as the solar plexus as this is where we radiate the sunshine of life, our power cord and universal supply of energy.  The primary focus is the conscious person, that self that require’s it’s own identity separate from the tribe.  The primary fears we carry here are related to self-esteem, criticism and evaluation, judgment that other’s may make about us.  This is where we compete and compare ourselves to an external construct, albeit an illusion, but the personality cannot discern the difference.  It wants to fit in, yet struggles with being separate.

The sacred truth of the third chakra is learning how to love and honor ourselves.  This is a necessary crucible toward experiencing the adult self.  If we become stuck here, we become the oldest adolescent, the intolerable child or the critical parent.

In each chakra, we have a choice in how we invest our energy.  The third asks us to either focus on the physical world of material illusion (how much value do I have? how many possession have I accumulated? Is my status above others?), or we can infuse energy toward the power of our personal calling, compassion, love and abundance? It doesn’t mean drive an old junker, that you can’t have nice things, it is simply the question of how much energy, time and money, are we investing toward this end.

The questions most associated with the third chakra are: do I like myself? Am I opened to feedback from others? Do I blame others in order to protect myself? Can I keep my commitments, is my word law? Am I afraid of responsibility?

The fourth chakra is our heart center, and we now leave the first 3 chakras, which are more survival focused.  The fourth is located in our chest and thymus gland.  The color is green and sometimes pink.  The heart chakra is the intersecting energy that the first 3 chakras feed upward, and the upper chakras feed downward.  It is a critical center of transformation in healing.  It is the organ of love, compassion, forgiveness, seeing the positives in all humanity.  This is the upper power center that looks up to the divine in everything and it is the true motivator of body and spirit.

This energy, when fully charged

gives us the strength to forgive ourselves and others, promotes a dedication to our calling, allowing us to trust the process.
This does not mean that our fears get buried or move on. We still must address them. We fear loneliness, the regret of not following our heart path, fears of commitment and betrayal. Energy drains from the heart if we carry anger, rage, and these emotions become the motivation of our behaviors.
The greatest gift of grace we can harness in our lifetime is the infinite love we are capable of. Our love is open and abundant, however, most of us have experienced pain in this area, and when vulnerable we fear our loves will be abused, misused or taken from us. The key is to love oneself in spite of our external circumstances. It means we can choose to live with a courageous heart facing our own shadows from emotional wounding. Some of these shadows show up as anxiety, depression, fears of failure, etc.
The questions to ask pertaining to the heart are: Where do I play the victim role? the enabler? the crusader? How am I gaining power from hanging on to my wounds? What does it keep me from fully feeling alive? What excuses am I making up to stay angry, maintain distance, abuse drugs or food, so that I can hold on to my story of wounding?
Examine these questions, but also embrace emotional wounds as teachers. Look at the positive outcomes that have allowed you to connect to Source, brought you to different friendships and learning experiences. Every day, out loud, say what you are grateful for, and employ the mantra of, “expect good things.” Gratitude has a way of chasing tormented negative thinking (stinking thinking) away, as easy as soft wind. Go with it! Get in the habit of freeing yourself from your past and the way you are clinging to old wounded habits.

Practice loving intention and invite change in your life. Live in the present and understand that characters and events from the past have served as messengers for the purpose for which you are called. Forgive and release the hurt so that you and others can move on.

The fifth chakra is the throat area and the color is blue. It is our center of communication, expression, and speaking our individual truth. The aim of this center is to teach you that all power is within. We thank our family, parents, teachers and outside authorities for their contribution, but it is here where we make the choice to live our own spiritual alignment, or to live in a way that meets other’s expectations of who we are. When we understand that it is up to each of us to live from our own center, then our life takes off in the direction of our own will.

The throat chakra, when constricted, causes us to live in fear of losing control that we think we have acquired. For example, a person could hold a great financially abundant job, but it may not call forth the soul’s work. Over time, the throat chakra loses it’s voice, struggles with keeping it’s word, becomes muddies in material possessions seeking gratification from the next purchase, the next thrill, albeit short-lived.

In the fifth chakra we gain energy when we speak our truth. Your word is law, and when we make this choice, a perpetual positivity will ignite in you. We begin to heal karmic debt by recognizing that the choices we have made all have consequences. When the throat chakra is balanced, we clean up our communication with ourselves and others.

Examine your energetic habits by reflecting on times when you have lost your will power. What are the situations and people who have control over your will power? Are you able to speak openly and honestly without making compromises? If not, why not? Are you living by a sacred truth and experiencing the divine within you? How do you know when you are and when you are not?

The sixth chakra, often referred to as the third eye or brow chakra, is located between the eyes on the forehead and is operated by the small pineal gland that dwells within the center of the brain. The color is purple (or some prefer indigo) and this is our intuitive and psychic channel of seeing and knowing the truth.

Here we can extract information directly from our higher self/over self about our calling, gleaning information about present decisions in life and intuitively understanding information about our inner knowing and outside world. We invite the truth and have the courage to lift the veil of the world of illusion by detaching from ego.

Our ego (our personality of survival) is grounded in the world of illusion because it understands it’s survival in conformity, habitual patterns that keep it safe, and avoids change such as creativity and soul adventure. We do battle with our ego every day as it is the controlling force over our overt behaviors. The sixth chakra allows us to see the roles we play, values we live by and the controlling thoughts that dominate our actions.

The aim of the sixth chakra is to open our impersonal self, the self that realizes it’s not a self, that it is a consciousness dwelling within the vessel of a physical body.

We begin opening and balancing this chakra when we ask questions and examine our belief systems. What ideas and beliefs do you continue to invest in even though you know aren’t true? Ponder areas in your life where you are experiencing discord? For instance, why not start that creative project? What holds you back from fully acting on the beliefs of your sacred calling? How are you judging others, or being judged? How are you dominating or avoiding relationships to stay out of conflict? What fears do you have about living your own life by your own rules? Who will you disappoint? Where are you saying one thing and doing another?

The sixth chakra is where you get it, you understand that you are of a body, but you are not a body, that you have roles and attributes that are you, but you are more than the roles characterized by other’s or yourself. Who are you?

The seventh chakra is the crown center and is located on the top of the head and the color is white (or purple). The seventh flows energy from the crown downward into the physical body charging all the other chakras with light. Each chakra then metabolizes the energy and transfers light into cells, organs, tissues, bones and infuses the emotional, physical and mental layers of the body.

Can you walk in your own center? Can you live in the present seeing the divine in all being? Does your life have meaning, or does it just feel random? Do you see that nothing is coincidence? Can you find the clues that allows you to unmask how consciousness manifests in the material world? Can you live without judgment?

These are the questions the crown center asks of us, to follow our path from a place of source, rather than ego. We know this and feel this when we are completely free to turn left or right without fear of judgment or negative spiraling.

When we struggle with our path, or have no path, we are often in spiritual chaos or existential crisis. We know this when we keep ourselves so busy to avoid being alone, we see ourselves as a stranger and plug the TV on, or create other distractions to avoid the stranger within. When we ask ourselves, is this it? When we engage in perfectionism imagining that the perfect body, intellect or money is going to be “it.”

Here are some ways to help you tap the energetic source within the crown chakra. Ask yourself questions, such as: how do I evaluate my life from a meaning perspective? Can I see how life events are connected and how certain themes emerge and repeat themselves? What fears do I have about my spiritual foundation? Do you believe you can heal yourself? Do you see yourself as being equally connected or superior to others? How would your life change if you received answers to your life questions? What fears would arise if you acted on your commitment to a specific way of life?

The chakras act a a unified force, a collective team of energy that is marked through color and sound frequency. We can create healthy, spinning spirals of light through wearing colors where you feel energetically out of balance (wear the color where you feel low by pulling up that energy, and avoid the color where the energy is over-stimulated), listen to sound frequencies that match the chakras, eat foods with color, examine beliefs that will help you tune into your intuitive self and receive high vibrational healing, such as Reiki to realize your highest potential.


Texting The Higher Realms: Is there anybody out there? How the light is finding you

12 Stages of Light Body Ascension

As we begin to experience the variances as a result of the shift in frequencies on the planet as well as any light work that you are focusing to expand your awareness of what is, you will begin to notice a developmental model of the evolution of your consciousness.

We are all here to uplift humanity. This is one of the most significant eras ever recorded where we live with the awareness that this is so. We no longer have to struggle, suffer, sacrifice and create conflict through wars to establish a hierarchy of power, a structure that has past it’s time within it’s own evolution.

We now recognize we are light bodies from light that live within the density of a material world. The density no longer serves us in the same way it has for thousands of years. We have outgrown it’s skin and are adjusting to a new set of frequencies.

Here’s what to look for:  (1)When the body is first adjusting to newer frequencies it is like wearing a new pair of shoes, we are trying to squeeze our old density to a new form. It feels like a flu where the muscles and joints might ache, one could develop a rash, experience headaches and intestinal disruptions. These come and go and can last 1 day to 1 week. The brain chemistry is becoming binaural -both sides of the brain are working in harmony as it breaks down light source to be channeled into DNA (right hemisphere is more activated) The etheric layers of light begin to change our DNA blueprint (the reason we are here) and we may begin to experience our karmic lessons rapidly. For instance, if you have to learn letting go of the need to manipulate to control, then you will be given experience where you may feel manipulated, or you may lose control over your body. Whatever you are here to learn, you have now set the stage to learn it.

 (2)This creates a feeling of tiredness. Questions of “Why Am I Here?” prevail The physical sensations and the sensory system, in general, become more sensitive. You may notice this with smell, sound, visually, etc., that you may not handle a crowded room, but you will also notice auras around plants, people, etc.

 (3)Light energy enters the crown and affects the electromagnetic fields of the brain and the experiences may feel like blurred vision, loss of hearing, chest pains (as the heart chakra is expanding). This is happening because you are downloading new chemistry from 4th and 5th dimensions which is creating fluctuations within the physical body.

 (4)On an emotional level there is less need for judgment, greater empathy, stronger intuitive hunches that you will just follow without hesitation, the undeniable urges of spirit directing you. In this stage we are much like a fan, oscillating between knowing and self-doubt, as the mental template is clearing old belief patterns.

 (5)Dreams become more lucid and there are stronger moments of de ja vu. We seem ready to lead from the heart and not the head as we let go of thoughts and conditioning models from our parents and society. We begin to change our relationship with money. We are in constant change. We re-evaluate our lives with honesty and no judgment. We are moving toward an observer role where past blame is not relevant. We take a closer look at our support systems and re-align ourselves to what supports our growth. We sometimes let go of all people, jobs and the environment that represented the self we are growing from. We seek out mutually supportive relationships and are keenly intuitive about the nature of these relationships, discarding the ones that no longer fit. At the same time, we become comfortable in our own skin, feeling freer, lighter (we may actually lose weight) and more liberated.

 (6)Our intuitive channels (the clair’s) are becoming more natural-we can sense, see, understand, hear thoughts and feelings of others’ and it doesn’t seem weird. We become increasingly courageous in stating our emotions, feeling them and honoring them. We are clearing emotional baggage. We begin to comprehend the idea of living in the present, following each moment of excitement with a new understanding that our emotions and thoughts create our reality.

 (7)Our pineal gland is becoming more activated and you may notice aches in the forehead and the back of the head, a buzzy feeling in the brain. We begin to experience a deepening connection with Spirit, a sense that we are fine with leaving the planet as we experience greater clarity about our consciousness. At the same time, we still have fears that seem to bounce back full force. We will go back and forth as we begin to trust the process of letting go of the old ways of the world. We may change our diets with commitments to avoid meat, corn syrup and preservatives.

(8)We loosen our dependency on habits that are manipulated by the ego (too much alcohol, spending money, etc.) We have a stronger desire to serve. We recognize that we have been trying to serve to Masters’ and know that Divine Source is all there is. Here, relationships are transpersonal and not based on obligation, or I owe you’s, sacrifice, martyrdom or any form of victimization. We recognize no need to rescue, enable or do the work for people who don’t want help.

 (9)We recognize each soul as a force of their own nature, on a path of their choosing, which we lovingly support. We speak from our hearts, feel more serene, which causes other’s to not know how to deal with this change. They can’t hook you like before as their is no karmic debt lingering. You begin or continue to channel light-source information for the highest for yourself and others.

 (10)It becomes easier to speak the language of spirit as it streaming through your light-body. We recognize that our bodies are of pure light and that the body vessel is a tool to transmute spiritual expression into physical form. The opinions of others’ no longer affect you, you recognize that authority comes from within and we cease to rely on the approval or disapproval of others to evaluate our identity. We continue to evaluate our direction and path, although we sense that Spirit is guiding us based on our spiritual contract. Our path, income, life partners’, geography and calling become clarified. We surrender to what is and recognize the pain in leaving what we imagined life to be or not to be. We begin to let go of the ‘I’ as we recognize Our union with Spirit, that we are instruments of love and compassion. You will continue to slip in an out of feeling human limitations (the at-one-ment), while surrendering to the “I AM.”

 (11)We are powering up our light energy to serve and begin to see the Divine nature in all beings. We are Source Consciousness while still operating in a body. Here our DNA has become 12-strand, multidimensional, allowing us to manifest thought energy instantaneously. We are capable of teleportation, astral traveling with greater ease. The meridians within your body’s matrix are light-charged, allowing you to see and function multidimensionally.

 (12)Thoughts are form. Past-present-future co-exists, all exist in parallels. your vision of humanity shifts to cooperation, harmony and sustainability. You are able to download the ecstatic heavens to earth and manifest a completely different design of living, one in which involves no separation and equitable means of living. Your frame of consciousness is not about the one, but THE ONE.

 (13)The Mastery level in which all initiates collaborate to bring in the new earth and recognize the unfolding divine plan that involves infinite love, compassion to all inhabitants, shifting the Earth frequency out of this dimension toward the lighter dimension on which it travels.

This is where we are, thus far, I am sure with much more understanding as we continue allowing more light to move into to our physical bodies.  What do you notice about yourself?  Do you feel the push and pull?  Do you notice any changes in how your think or feel?  What do you observe about yourself in the world and how does it feel the same or different as before? What are the quality of your relationships? What has become important to you?

Take some time to review the list.  As Dolores Cannon often quips, “there is nothing that you have to do” to get anywhere.  “Just be.” When we are in harmony with our authentic self, then we begin to understand the liberation arises from the enslavement of our own egos, attached to ideas, illusions and models of reality that are no longer in our best interest.  

Please share your stories!  I do enjoy hearing from you

Blessings on your journey! KathyImage


The Power of the Prepared Mind

I have been an educator and healing practitioner for the last 7 years and have studied energy consciousness for over 15 years and it’s time to share with you some key ways that you can begin to practice healing on yourself and others.

Even though I teach all levels of Usui Reiki (a Japanese form of life force healing) and Karuna Reiki (the western version of compassion in action) healing, healing is by far not based on any formal indoctrinated belief.  Reiki is just a name that describes how healing works, it is not a school of thought for me.  It is for many others.  When we practice only one school of thought, we run the risk of missing the many gems in other teachings.  

To that end, I have discovered the ancient wisdom of Shamanism, again a practice which rallies the same ingredients of Reiki, which simply means one enters an altered state, while still being in a present state of consciousness to move healing within an area of the body, mind and spirit.  

The key is to not get caught up in one doctrine or another.  Healing doesn’t care what it’s called, only our egos care what things are called.  In addition to these studies, I have wandered down lanes of psychic development, intuitive development, paranormal studies,  the association of research and enlightenment and formal studies in psychology and counseling.  

In my practice, a psychic form of healing occurs when my state of mind occupied by my intent, along with a compassionate conscious union with the person I am directing healing towards happens, we see results.  During the process, my intuitive self gleans vital information about how to help a person.  I see realms of past experiences that include past lives, current emotional blocks and remedies to help the healing process. 

It is essential that a person commit to the process.  It’s not parlor tricks with superficial stories about possible future fortunes and a long, lost love that they will soon be reunited with.  It’s about healing.  If I learn that a recipient has experienced 3 lifetimes of anguish over the same issue and that issue has begun to manifest as disease, a disorder, or a mental block, then I will share this and offer ways to get out of your own way and let the healing begin. 

It takes work and practice and the belief that we are capable of self healing.  It takes a prepared mind to enter this journey.   If you are interested in learning, then contact me and we can take the journey together.  All individuals are asked to receive a full session first, so that you can experience the results.  Distance is never an issue.

All tools and trajectories for your healing discoveries.

The common link to all healing is the mind and the feeling state of a compassionate heart.  The mind alone cannot heal you.  People will themselves to rid disease, lose weight, diminish cancers, but see little results.  This is because when we only engage the mind we begin creating a sense of desire.  Desire is what we wish to occur outside of ourselves.  Desire has it’s basis in lack and fear.  Fear attracts fear.  This doesn’t mean we aren’t determined, but our energy reads our energy.  If our energetic magnet is drawing in desire, then you will simply experience the desire as longing, wishing and anticipating.  

The first thing to really understand is that you are in a body, but you are not just a body.  We have to integrate our knowledge that we are a multidimensional being that is not separated from anyone else.  This is the true understanding of healing.  This is why distance doesn’t matter.  There is no separation.  If I am working with a horse in New Mexico, the horse isn’t in New Mexico and I am not in New York.  There is no name for where we meet.  It is just another realm.  So, you are fluid energy that is always flowing and changing. 

The second thing to underscore is that thoughts are energy.  Emotions carry energy.  When your beliefs are emotionally charged, the energy manifests into your reality.  For instance, if you have had experiences with romantic rejection, then you may assume that the next love in your life will reject you.  You will look for ways to find evidence to support this subconscious belief, such as “he didn’t hug me today,” or “I am not good enough for her.”  

We are a suffering breed based on thousands of years of conditioning.  We imagine pain, conflict, sorrow and struggle in our separatism, which we then go out and create and re-create.  This repetitive angst has become the nature of human existence, which we are quite capable of changing, but we must first accept the fact that it is what it is.  

Once we comprehend that it is what it is, then we can go about making something different happen.  The societal world is just our inner world magnified.  Society is based on relationships, our  inner world is also based on relationships.  If you want to change something about your outer world, then go in. 

Healing is an inner world phenomena. It is a different path to healing than conventional ways.  However, it is ancient and well documented path of healing as well.  Mainstream circles keep this out of newspapers and media, but it is well known that our inner mental imagery can be manifested in conscious expression.  Imagery has been a part of the medical protocol in many hospitals around the world.  For instance, if a person is nervous about upcoming surgery, creating a sensory image of a relaxing day on the beach built in with fragments of sunshine, water, sand and wind, that person can enter a calm state and feel more positive about the surgery.

In my own healing after a fall on a snowy mountain side, I had to run 6 miles back to my car on a desolate road with a broken wrist.  With great, previous practice, I was able to enter that calming state of mind where the pacing of my feet on the snowy terrain provided the necessary focus to raise my vibration toward a calm mind.  My pulse rate was 38 at the emergency room, surprising my helpers.  Had I become anxious, afraid and uncertain other outcomes may have ensued, such as hypothermia or additional falling. The point of this is, even though I needed repair, the calming state of mind and the commitment to begin the healing process within, saved suffering and agony later on, and empowered me to understand that healing can occur immediately. 

Within the larger picture of life our worries and concerns become amplified.  Our worries and concerns, for the most part, are conditioned responses to the conforming standards that we choose to place in our lives.  Money, expectancies, relationships, jobs, housing, vacations, stuff, you name it, are not necessary for our happiness.  When we place our happiness on the next thing we seek, then conformity and ego attachments are running our physiology.  This is not to say don’t eat, don’t have a nice home and don’t enjoy money, it is to suggest that we enter a continual existential angst in obtaining what we think we must have and at the same time fearing that we will lose it.

Our bodies are the vessels that we inhabit.  All our thought energies, if not aligned in a harmonious way with our feelings, gains density over time.  Thoughts are light, laughter is light, emotions are light, but thoughts that thrive on negativity become toxic.  Toxic thoughts become heavy, heavy is dense, density organizes itself around matter and our bodies are matter.  This is why we become diseased.

So, let’s take a moment to understand what you can do.  First off, you must run the ego and let it know that your totality of being is in charge.  The easiest thing to do to derail the ego is do something different at least once a week.  Walk, dress, sing, eat, drive different.  The ego/personality thrives on sameness.  At the end of your day, write your day backwards.  Write everything down from where you are sitting right now back until you woke up that morning.  The third simple things is to discipline yourself.  Your mind can’t be all over the place and expect to heal itself.  It has to have a discipline.  Whether it’s a morning meditation, or a silly ritual like going outside and moving rocks in your garden, stick to it everyday.  Your ego will try to tell you to sleep in, don’t bother, etc., because discipline means that you are in charge of you, not the conforming and conditioned ways of life.

Now, let’s get into a space where you want to ask for help for whatever needs healed.  Write everything on a sheet of paper that is going great for you, what you feel good about.  Next to it, write everything down that feels out of whack for you, like you could have a different job, or a creative part of you needs expression, you are in a rotten relationship, whatever it is.  

Now, take the positive stuff and locate where it lives in your body.  Remember the mind, body and heart have to be aligned.  All emotions live in the body.  If you feel good about gardening, where does it live in your body.  Place your hand on that part.  Keep doing this until you discover where all your joy lives.  Now, take the negative, or less than happy parts and find where they live.  Really go through your whole body down to the toes, the gallbladder, the eyes, anywhere you notice.

Now, hold your hand over the less than happy areas and breathe deeply.  Really inhale and blow out deeply.  Do this 8 times.  Each time, as you breathe in, breathe in a bright, beautiful ball of light energy to that area.  Smile as you do this.  Really feel it.  Now, say out loud, “universal life energy is flowing through me now and I feel it.”  Practice chanting this as long as you need to, get loud, get funky, you are coming to aliveness and it feels good.

When you are finished, notice how you feel.  Run your hands over your body and notice the energy.  Feel the joy and feel your mind cleared with a new found clarity.  This is healing.  This feeling that you have created is not separate, it doesn’t judge, it loves you and you feel loved, and it feels that your consciousness is bigger than your body.

Keep practicing.

This is just a short sample of how we prepare the mind.  Imagine all the inner power you can harness with just this one exercise.

Blessings on your journey


Sustainable Living Creed

There comes a time when blaming external forces no longer suffices to fix the plethora of issues concerning our world today that involves earth and all her inhabitants. We have grown up in a time where we have watched generations before us point fingers at a group, culture or nation, with an accusatory stance about what is wrong. We fail to notice that there are no “out” groups anymore that exist. There is only one group and it is us. We either move forward toward walking the talk of our beliefs and record them as values to live by, or we lash out with evidence to support the dominant culture’s stance that the only matter worth investing is money

We have come to the end of our human existence, where in our generation we will witness the extinction of plants and animals species that is unprecedented. Humans have created mass extinctions theoretically at least five times since being on this planet. We are now armed with data, proof, disasters that show us daily that the world is shrinking, that what happens in one nation is felt in another.

We can no longer pretend it is an us and them. There is only an us. We have come to take back our rightful claim of participating and cooperating with the natural rhythms of nature. We can no longer sit back and watch destruction, disregard and the blatant dismissal of our waters, lands, mountains, and habitats of multiple species that cannot vote, that have no voice in matters of our environment, our living Gaia. We now know that Gaia is a breathing organism and that she undergoes cycles of birth and death, much like humans go through cycles of birth and death.

However, we are creating an unnatural death by refusing to care for and care about the ground we walk on, the waters we drink, the food we eat, and the resources that keep us warm, cool and comfortable.

We have lost our way. Many cultures lose their way when they are out of alignment with nature. We have invested too much energy in wasteful products that have no meaning. This is how we know that we have lost our way. We drive too much, eat too much, move too little, don’t know where our food comes from, soil our waters, dump chemicals in places that we imagine just disappears, cultivate factories for food, treat our animals like slaves whose purpose is to support our well-being, live within a government that we fear, a government that feeds us neurotoxins so that we grow in apathy.

We imagine a world where community matters, where we can nurture the seeds of life in our backyard gardens, a world where we are immensely aware of the flowing web of life. Suffering is not part of the equation. All citizens within a society deserve healthy food, clean air, streams and waterways clear and crisp, and each person cannot opt out of the planet. We envision a life where the caring hearts of each individual is consciously connected to the whole.

We cannot wait for the last person to get it. Each person, in their own time and in their own way, will come to know that all that we have learned from our history is wrong. It is our time to write a new history. History is only repetitive when we haven’t learned the lesson. The lesson learned for humanity is that money, profits and power cannot save the planet. It has, until this point been the greatest contributing factor to the destruction of the planet.

Our historical roots for the last several hundred years are grounded in misaligned truths. We have not been placed into a world where only the fit survive; every organism in nature structures itself around cooperation. Our competitive natures are not hardwired, they have been conditioned. We have bought into the great lie that has led to our disempowerment and fear that we can’t make it without government intervention, that if we don’t go along, we will perish in isolation.

We can advance our culture by recognizing our inner power is a fierce force and when united with rightful intent, can move a mountain. What are we waiting for? Do we want to awaken each day eating GMO foods, consume factory farm animals that have never seen the light of day, drill into the layers beneath our grounds and inject chemicals while polluting our waters, spray trails of chemicals in our skies, ingest synthetic drugs that we don’t need in order to heal ourselves, live in houses that are foolishly built with no sustainable features? Do you really want to live like this?

The solutions involve acting as if life were sacred, and envisioning a life as we want it. We know that thoughts create reality, and if the only reality we have come to know is that there is nothing we can do to change our world, then we can see nothing but this. We have to step outside of this current world and step into what we know we can create. It starts here, it starts now.

It starts with our breath and imagining what clean air feels like. It starts with a walk in nature listening to the birds, feeling the ground, so that we can remember once again what it feels like to touch the earth without our shoes. It starts with walking in the rain, the snow, the wind and cold and embracing the cycles of our home. As we grow our roots again, we will remember.

Each person will remember and begin again. It doesn’t have to be a rebellious movement, a cataclysmic overthrow of government, corporations and lobbying agendas. That is the old way. The old way is to use negative force and fight back. The new earth is balanced in harmony and cooperation.

If we are to begin again, we must recognize that force, negativity and threats always lead to suffering, pain and loss for everyone. We are the new generation, we have been asked by our ancestors to come at this time, in this way, to change our futures by living the future as if it were happening today. We invite you into the act of conscious living by expanding your awareness of the choices you make every day.

Every day it is easy to be on automatic pilot and engage in habits that we believe makes our life simpler, when in reality, many habits cost our precious energy. We would ask that every day that you become more aware of where your food comes from, read the labels and learn if it’s real food. We invite you to learn about how you heat your house, where your clothes are made, and to look at how much plastic you may be using, what’s in your detergent, your household cleaners, and does that car need to be driven? Become more aware that your governments are not benevolent leaders, but stakeholders investing in corruption of ideals to benefit the few. It is essential that the veil be lifted so that we can see another way.

Make a list of your habits, not to see all that you are doing wrong, but to imagine all that you could do differently to align yourself with your living earth. We often imagine that our habits don’t matter, that it’s the large corporations that are messing everything up. However, we invite you to be conscious of your life and your world. If just one makes the change, than surely there are two, and so on, we begin to feel the difference and eventually see the difference each of us is making. Be creative, see the positives and downplay the negatives, it is the most powerful way to stay focused and strong. Find others who will join you and together we can transform our darker realities into one of freedom and prosperity.

With courage we can go forward as ONE.