Critical Mass: The tipping point

First of all, let’s congratulate ourselves. As co-creators we have channeled light to the earth through peace, harmony and loving actions and we have gained momentum to hit the 2% of the population. In other words, more people are acting in loving ways than in violent, angry and hateful ways. We are peace loving beings more than we are violent, conflictual beings for the first time in thousands of years.

The timing of this is not coincidental. We are in the midst of great chaos and turmoil with an almost nightmarish path ahead of us. So, it is a time to pull together, collaborate and unify. This is the coming of the Golden Age, a time when power is to be restored to the people who have been enslaved by a system of greed and indulgence.

Co-creators we have endured much and at the same time we remain in a place of hope and renewal. However, there is much work to be done. Our momentum is now self-governed. We have collected enough like-minded souls to gather the speed necessary for the journey. The journey is in reform and we may have to stay true to the path through conflict, revolution and rebellion.

It is our rite of passage, the hero’s journey, the call has come in. The worlds’ have collided, many countries are uniting despite vast differences in culture and language, we still gather. Here in the U.S. we have been lied to, dictated, held under with threats of dismantling human integrity through scarcity, disease, economic upheaval, more war, corruption, while activists are being sought after and removed without the notice of the public eye.

Please understand that most of the real issues are covered in candy-coating “look what so and so is wearing on the runway” or football heroes who crashed, or the latest suicide bombing or threat to U.S. from foreign soils.

It’s a rigged game. There will be a temporary downward spiraling as we re-boot ourselves. The Federal Reserve Note will disappear and new financial institutions will be implemented, similar to what is happening in Russia, China and Saudi Arabia. We may lose connections with each other while we gather our skirts and transmute into new ways.

What can you do during this time? Gather family, friends, community members and learn your constitution. Find each other. Give your address and a way to get to your place, if needed. We have to unwind the mess we have directly or indirectly created. We have to stay calm, grounded and peaceful. There will be some who want to attack, hurt and get even for the atrocities many have suffered, however, if we plan on moving toward a golden age, we have to find the common thread of humanity and recognize we all live within the same bubble.

Remember there is no us and them anymore. There is only ONE. We are manifesting a world of equality. At the same time, we are not subservient and it is a time to live within your own power. However the law of life is this: do not take anything that you cannot repay. So, find that part in you that sees everyone as brother and sister, help replenish, lend a hand and help someone up.

Once this trial of humanity ends, we will enter a time of great collaboration. Competition, control systems will disappear and we will continue to see everyone as bringing something to contribute, but no one is better than another. Pull together, be productive and be well.