The End of the Road

To come to the end of the road generally means there is nothing left to unravel, mystery solved, all that needs to have been learned, has. Hey, wait. Back up the bus.

The end of the road can also mean the things that have yet to be uncovered. Have you ever walked a dead-end road (of course the sign is at the end :)) knowing that there has got to be some path leading you even further to some unknown destiny?

You may peer beyond the tree lines, hoping to sense something more, but because you see no trodden foot prints, deer tracks or remnants of winter truck tracks, you slowly turn around and retreat back to the beginning.

To ponder once more an new road.

The new road may appear to be new, but the old road remains within you and around you. The old road, like a nostalgic friend, not always pleasant, but constant rides shotgun while you trek another new path.

This time, you say, it’s going to be different. This time I know where the land mines are and I can straddle them, hop them, or avoid them all together.

Guess what?

You can’t. And when the old road meets the new road, you are stunned, shocked and disbelieving. How, you say, could this happen? I chucked it, sent it into the cosmos, or surely on the tail of a rocket, and yet, here I am meeting the same road again.

Well, here’s how it works. When we haven’t cleared our old programs, you know, the programs that say things like, “As long as you sacrifice yourself for others, you will be loved.” As hard as you work, you will never make enough money.” “You are worthless.” “You are helpless.” “When you get the weight you desire, then you can be happy.” “When you make enough money, then you can enjoy life.”

The list goes on and on for each person and the list will be different kinds of messages for each person. Each message that gets downloaded into your subconscious plays 24/7, the DJ that never stops playing the hits.

This is why, when we imagine that if we cleared that person from our marriage, our work environment, or that account that gets paid off, that we will be on a new road.

Sure, there are times, when it’s healing not to see friends that you feel harmed by, or family members that have disappointed you, but it’s not about them. It’s about the messages in your head, may be placed in there by “them,” but it’s your recording, not theirs.

So, to truly be on a new road, we have to re-program the part of our mind that is in charge of playing the tape. We cannot ever change the message by consulting the mind where the program is located. For instance, if you experienced severe rejection or abandonment at 5, then you cannot heal that program by talking to a 5 year old. Now, can we?

So, your opportunity is to tune in to that feeling, deep emotion such as anxiety to find the location of the original wound. If you notice that you feel anxious every time you choose to speak publicly, then simply acknowledge that you have this deep anxiety about speaking.

As you acknowledge this feeling, say to yourself, “Even though I have this anxiety about public speaking, I deeply love and accept myself” “This anxiety keeps me from speaking in public.” It reminds me of the time when_________________. I can still feel that feeling now. I want so much to be able to talk publicly, that sometimes I am ashamed of myself. This shame reminds me of a time when____________________. Even though this shame is still with me and I feel it_____________, I deeply love and accept myself. This shame has prevented me from feeling confident and self-assured. I choose to picture myself as confident, beaming with confidence, completely safe and assured.”

The above script is away to practice how to break down the circuitry involved in subconscious programming. This style of healing does not place blame on others. It gently acknowledges the feelings that you may have been afraid to own for various reasons.

It is the crucible to healing. You will notice that we gently call into ourselves the emotions, and at the same time, we create the image of what we choose to do instead

Now, as you go to the end of the road, you will see the beautiful line of forested trees beckoning you to follow a new path. A path that clears you and prepares you for the next adventures in happiness.

Blessings on your journey,


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