Thank the Catalyst in Your Life

Along our journey in life we will come across a multitude of catalysts-those beings and situations, which by themselves will create change. When we think in terms of relationships, soul mates and that special someone that will love us forever, we can’t deny the nature of the catalyst we have chosen to make real changes with.

All catalysts serve a purpose in our awakening and if and we fight these soul messengers, we are missing a keen opportunity to absolve some of our karmic debt created each life time.

Remember all karma is, is the opportunity to remember love and forgiveness by meeting our resistance within someone else. When we forgive ourselves and others we remove our karmic debt and uplift ourselves along our soul mission. We also uplift all of humanity as our etheric vibrations soar when we are healing.

Each lifetime is an opportunity to recreate the situations with the people in our lives to help balance the soul balance ledger. All of this is decided before you incarnate, you just aren’t aware of it, for if you were, you plain and simple wouldn’t do the work.

Much of this is outlined in Choreography of the Soul: Uncovering the cosmic dance of your soul evolution (authored by Kathy Crossley Pettet (me) on Amazon.)

We have a multitude of soul opportunities to connect with our soul groups, who are our helpers and adversaries designed to create movement in our lives. This can also occur in the person you may have incredible love for, but can’t figure how to make the relationship prosper. This can happen within a long term relationship of many decades. Your catalysts move you, trouble you and create angst in you. It is because the need to forgive, let go and accept are the key outcomes of catalyst encounters. A catalyst can also be a significant healing encounter that lasts forever. You will know when you meet someone that serves as your teacher, or you theirs.

Does this mean you must stay in a catalyst relationship? You may learn what you need and move on, or the relationship is designed to create a long term loving journey, something that is also required for your growth. The relationship will move within the chakras surrounding your body and land within the chakra that requires the most healing. In our culture, it is typically the second (sacred truth, power, control and possession). We learn through catalyst encounters how to open the heart chakra, clearing the lower chakras of survival fears, and embracing the full intensity of the web of life unity we are creating with each catalyst.

You are also a catalyst for others in your life. Who maintains an upset with you and why? What do your represent in this person’s lie? Has the relationship grown in spite of the other person’s resistance to you? How have you changed as a result of your relationship with this person?

This can happen in any part of your life, to the annoying gossipy neighbor, to the loving being in your life, to a coworker that you just roll your eyes every time they come into the room. So, a catalyst can be the homeless on the street, the woman who smokes when she is pregnant, the over achiever or doer, the selfish its all about me person, etc. It will be who you need it to be.

Learn to meet the catalyst as a member of your soul family, they are not the enemy. You have chosen loving, beautiful unconditional loving souls in your life, but many contain an element that creates some resistance in you. Learn to ask yourself: Who AM I and What AM I doing here and how is this person acting as a catalyst in my life?

This will help you not blame, create disturbances in your thinking and learn to forgive relationships for how your soul appetite has been served.

So, whether you meet a companion in the woods, at the mall or in your living room, learn to love and accept yourself as this incredible messenger is showing up to help you heal.

Heal, let go and love it all. It’s your journey, make it a good one!IMG_7621