Zapping Negative Thinking: becoming a neutral observer

Thinking is our way of observing the world around us, which allows us to make decisions that manifest thoughts in to realities. Thoughts are just energetic particles that condense into eventual actions, when streamlined accordingly. When thoughts are not streamlined they can float around in our heads causing doubt, confusion, stagnation and negativity.

Out thoughts contain ingredients from past experiences, subconscious patterns and conditioned beliefs that serve to harm or heal us

When our thinking involves irrational beliefs, which we all in one way or another hold onto, then our behaviors and decisions reflect this state of mind. For example, if you hold the irrational belief that you must be in a relationship or you will wither and die, or be forever unlovable, you may choose relationships impulsively because you want to avoid the fear of loneliness, or you may choose relationships that end bitterly to remind you of your irrational belief of your unworthiness.

This is how negative thoughts can dominate us and with the participation of our ego personalities, lead us into distractions and pitfalls. The trick is to learn to assess experiences from a neutral state of mind. For instance, the key is to understand that all our decisions are karmic based. This means that for every action there is a reaction. So, if you hold a belief that bad things happen to you (whatever your definition of bad is), then your experiences will reflect this state of mind. So, you will only see the bad things happening to you rather then the positive flow that also is around you. It is your state of mind that determines your reality and that is all.

Now, that we understand that our life experiences simply follow our thinking and past actions, we then have the power to transform our lives. When I speak of karma, I am not suggesting some cosmic force that is single handedly punishing your for past sins, that is just absurd. What I am saying is that if your past actions, lets say, involved ripping people off, then your karmic experiences will involve you being ripped off. The reason is that your soul has asked for experiences to allow it to fully see the multidimensional world of all that is. You have created patterns that give you what you need to understand When we see the full circle debt that we have tossed out to the universe, we then can live more compassionately.

Once we see that all relationships are a mirror of ourselves, then we can clean up the debris and observe the world, rather then seeing ourselves as a victim of circumstance. We then can choose what feels healthy and positive and stay away from shadowed fears.

This is where our observer self comes in. Instead of saying, “poor me,” or “why is it every time I fall in love he/she leaves me,” say “tell me about this experience” Learn to see experiences as nothing personal, per se, but as a part of the soul gift you have asked for. When we change our view from that of self judgment and evaluation, to this too shall pass, or embrace grief, despair and sadness, poverty, joblessness as its another act in the scene of life, then you can truly be fully in charge of you.

It is the ego-centered self, that false self that often dominates our thinking. The ego is a survival tool that assesses experiences and gives us the go ahead of how to live in the realities of our minds. However, it is also the ego, when out of balance, that can become the dictator of experiences by pulling into negative thinking. The ego’s job is to keep the physical self safe. It doesn’t care about what is good for your soul or spirit or even your happiness, it just stays alive on sameness and diverted ego power. We know when our egos are out of control when we are overly critical, obsessed with our bodies, needing to be always right, competitive, making a ton of excuses for ourselves, denies the truth of how others are experiencing us and overly relies on the material world for a sense of satisfaction.

Our ego is most balanced when we understand we are a part of creation and we take a cue cards from our higher self, that intuitive sense that lives in higher loving dimensions Our ego is the messenger from above. However, in our current world we have forgotten this critical connection so that the ego imagines its all alone and has to fend for itself.

This is why negativity, belief systems and ego go hand in hand.

Real change comes from stepping up and beginning to define yourself with different attributes, starting with “I Am.” I am a person who chooses to live in loving kindness.” “I am a person who is becoming clearer and more empowered more and more every day.”

These are just some of the ways to inject positive affirmations when you take down the negative curtain.

In summary, find something beautiful every day to appreciate, find the beauty and messages in all your relationships and situations, be the leader in your life you have always wanted to be and cherish the observer in you that can help you decode all your experiences into positive future actions.