Through the Doorway

Global Alchemy and Personal Transmutation


It is interesting times we have chosen to live in, and by that I mean, you have chosen to live in.  You are fulfilling a contract of your choosing, to be here in this density, at this time, for your particular life path and collective global mission is no coincidence.


It is easy to get caught in the matters around us.  Sometimes we think everything matters, and by matter I mean the density and levity we give most situations in our lives.   Density, or the heaviness that we can often feel in our bodies, mind and spirit are not our true nature.  Our true nature is light, light frequencies combined with a hum of joy.  We are surrounded by 7 realities (joy, harmony, peace, etc.), 7 chakras, 7 Rays of color, 7 sounds.  All of these types of frequencies are constant reminders of our capacity to radiate light-sound-color-love, all the time. 


As John Muir quipped, “Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” Our nature is the light evoked between the two pines.  We have to enter the doorway to experience our completeness, our completeness being these array of 7’s. 


Each day when you awake you are already in the doorway. Your dreams open this portal of consciousness for you, to assist you in your awareness of the total you.  Your dreams contain inspiring lessons, directions and reflections of your state of mind.  When you truly open to this understanding, then it is but one more way for you to perceive and embrace the ALL that you are.


So, what happens that prevents our awakening?  Let’s first take a look at the aim of awakening.  It is important to grasp that you are already enlightened.  There is nothing out there that you have to get in order to become what you are not.  What you are looking for is a way in, a way to realize your completeness.  Your completeness never leaves you.  You only have to hold a space for inner silence, without allowing worries and concerns to distract your energy.  The key is you.


The aim of awakening is live in a continual state of aliveness.  Aliveness is the experience that all things (people, animals, plants, mountains, etc) organic, that all organic matter possesses a community, a spirit of ONE.  When we are fully capable of realizing this, and yes, for the most part, we can only handle the small glimpses, then we come to comprehend that all else is an illusion.  


It is the illusion that we maintain our slavery with.  I know it sounds fairly radical or macabre, but we are surrounded by energetic beings (mostly in human form), that want nothing better than our precious energy for their own motivations, namely our money, time resources and life essence.


The illusion consists of every “ism”, from materialism, consumerism, ego-ism, an all that supports our desires for attachment, belonging, security and longevity.  Not that these attachments are bad or wrong, it’s that the attachments place us out of alignment with our true self, the freedom to be completely alive.  We know this by our degree of worry or concern into maintaining a lifestyle of ideal comfort, stability and assurances that nothing will rock our world.  The more we hold on to this center of “nothing should rock my world” and when it does, because it always does, we come up with reasons for explaining this chaos.  If you have read my other posts, then you know that chaos is normal, not to be feared, albeit it is expected turmoil to help us shed layers and prepare for the next stage of order.  It has been and always will be this way.


When things change in our world, from change of address to relationship, to job, or just the change from the tides within our normal emotional ranges, we find a way to soothe the soul, thinking we are protecting ourselves from change. This is when we purchase the illusion.  I have talked and worked with so many people who may feel lonely after a divorce, lost when changing jobs, or confused when traveling to an unknown area, or insecure going to college.  So many times, we want to attach ourselves to pacifiers in an attempt to feel nourished or nurtured.  Transition is normal, chaos is normal.  What is abnormal is trying to achieve change when the head is cut from the heart.


This is the space for illusion to enter and reprogram your spiritual agenda.  Heading into the unfamiliar is designed to be welcoming and full of sparkle.  Whether one is giving birth to a child or a new life, celebration is essential.  When we reject this part of our lives, giving celebration to what is authentic and real, then we slowly erode giving space for other agendas.  


Let’s talk about these other agendas.  What does it mean to be absorbed into illusion and how do you know if it is happening, how do you stop it, how do you change?  


The primary dominant energy agenda is to establish an hysteria of fear.  Fear always destroys.  As soon as we give ourselves over to fear, then the available space we have for love, joy (the 7 realities) diminish.  It’s just that simple.  Fear is the feeling of worry or concern that we put toward not having enough, not being enough, the what if I am hopeless, sick, unemployed, unloved, fear of tomorrow, the future, etc.  Fear creates hatred, prejudice, right and wrong thinking, dissension, isolation, pride, arrogance, holding on, guilt and is aimed at getting people to purchase, tune in, spread fear like a virus; creating, in essence, a contagion effect.  


Fear also involves giving our power away.  Dominant government agendas, corporations and any negative energies bank on this.  We become apathetic, give in, go along, stop questioning and give up.  We become as in Roman times, easy to manipulate and control.  Many people vehemently state that they are not controlled, but notice what we eat, what we buy, how we vote, how we look, what we drive, where and how we live, the attitudes we live by, our willingness to allow animals to suffer, wars to continue, fundamental and core compassionate attitudes to be ignored.

Let’s face it.  If we truly allowed all of our aliveness to be captain’s of our own heart, do you really think there could be any justification for any war?  The fact that we are swayed to believe a false set of truths, to purchase the lies of alleged enemies, is how easy it is.  If we were living in our heart centers would be willing to give over our power to the elite to manage our health, environment and loved ones?  Would we want toxins in our foods, waters and cropped mountain tops? 


The global alchemy and transformation that is happening and has been happening is here to help us awaken, take back control and live a harmonious loving life where our inherent talents brighten the world.  When we all love what we are doing the vibrational pulse expands and lightens.  Please understand that the earth density can be lighter and that all life forms can benefit equally.  In nature there is no hierarchy.  Only in the world of humans have we created a hierarchy, where some have it and some do not.  Tell a goose, a cougar or elephant that.  They don’t care because they know that each organism is doing it’s part for the whole.


How can you change this?  First,  notice all that you are believing and how you feel about what you believe.  Where did that idea come from?  When you hear or see a news event, ask, yourself questions.  What are the chances that a mild mannered woman known for her soft spoken, caring ways,  want to take fire on the military?  She didn’t.  Ask questions.  Mind control is real.  The agendas to keep the masses hungry for more are real.  The agendas to keep us afraid so that we spend are real.  

You must, however, discover this on your own.  The second thing you can do is spend time in nature every day.  Don’t watch television and resist the urge to browse the internet when you are bored, angry, frustrated, or looking for a fix for the moment.  It is all intended to distract you so that you are not fully living in your essence.  The third thing is to do what is natural for you in work and play.  Play, dance, laugh, run, bike, all of it.  You can have a dedicated work out, that’s fine, but try to steer away from making you life goals, competitive gains and comparisons.  Comparisons are death in disguise.  No one is better or lesser than you.  They just are.  You just are.  Together we just are.  The roles we play, whether it is supervisor, president, prince or pope are roles.  That’s all.  When we strip away the roles, we are just humans having the experiences here that we said we would have.  That’s our contract, to work as ONE.



One of the major crucibles to learn is that all the power is already in you.  Your mind is your control center.  When your mind and heart are aligned there is no changing your path toward your chosen destiny.  Your chosen destiny is always connected to the form and manner for which you want to express your purpose.  It is not the job you are doing.  Through your job you can express this purpose, but don’t get caught up in the job.  All your creation and inspiration is already within you.  Yes, it’s nice when we are told complimentary things to helps us stay on track, careful not to over-rely on this.  It passes and changes, lest we become a slave to others’ opinions of us.

The elite and government and mass media agendas, including our pharmaceutical and health care industry is to change your mind, create an imbalance, tell you are sick, give you something to help you feel better, etc.  I am not suggesting that if there is disease that you ignore your health.  I am suggesting, however, that many diseases are a byproduct of our food intake, poisoned waters and poisoned minds, that under great disturbance manufactures disease.


Know these things.  Take heart to care for yourself in the best and highest way you can.  Allow others to help you, support you, provide guidance and lend a hand.  Our hands contain all the above mentioned energies in one. 


Let go, live the power within you, let the divine in your mind enter your heart.  Now, walk through the doorway and feel your aliveness