Zapping Negative Thinking: becoming a neutral observer

Thinking is our way of observing the world around us, which allows us to make decisions that manifest thoughts in to realities. Thoughts are just energetic particles that condense into eventual actions, when streamlined accordingly. When thoughts are not streamlined they can float around in our heads causing doubt, confusion, stagnation and negativity.

Out thoughts contain ingredients from past experiences, subconscious patterns and conditioned beliefs that serve to harm or heal us

When our thinking involves irrational beliefs, which we all in one way or another hold onto, then our behaviors and decisions reflect this state of mind. For example, if you hold the irrational belief that you must be in a relationship or you will wither and die, or be forever unlovable, you may choose relationships impulsively because you want to avoid the fear of loneliness, or you may choose relationships that end bitterly to remind you of your irrational belief of your unworthiness.

This is how negative thoughts can dominate us and with the participation of our ego personalities, lead us into distractions and pitfalls. The trick is to learn to assess experiences from a neutral state of mind. For instance, the key is to understand that all our decisions are karmic based. This means that for every action there is a reaction. So, if you hold a belief that bad things happen to you (whatever your definition of bad is), then your experiences will reflect this state of mind. So, you will only see the bad things happening to you rather then the positive flow that also is around you. It is your state of mind that determines your reality and that is all.

Now, that we understand that our life experiences simply follow our thinking and past actions, we then have the power to transform our lives. When I speak of karma, I am not suggesting some cosmic force that is single handedly punishing your for past sins, that is just absurd. What I am saying is that if your past actions, lets say, involved ripping people off, then your karmic experiences will involve you being ripped off. The reason is that your soul has asked for experiences to allow it to fully see the multidimensional world of all that is. You have created patterns that give you what you need to understand When we see the full circle debt that we have tossed out to the universe, we then can live more compassionately.

Once we see that all relationships are a mirror of ourselves, then we can clean up the debris and observe the world, rather then seeing ourselves as a victim of circumstance. We then can choose what feels healthy and positive and stay away from shadowed fears.

This is where our observer self comes in. Instead of saying, “poor me,” or “why is it every time I fall in love he/she leaves me,” say “tell me about this experience” Learn to see experiences as nothing personal, per se, but as a part of the soul gift you have asked for. When we change our view from that of self judgment and evaluation, to this too shall pass, or embrace grief, despair and sadness, poverty, joblessness as its another act in the scene of life, then you can truly be fully in charge of you.

It is the ego-centered self, that false self that often dominates our thinking. The ego is a survival tool that assesses experiences and gives us the go ahead of how to live in the realities of our minds. However, it is also the ego, when out of balance, that can become the dictator of experiences by pulling into negative thinking. The ego’s job is to keep the physical self safe. It doesn’t care about what is good for your soul or spirit or even your happiness, it just stays alive on sameness and diverted ego power. We know when our egos are out of control when we are overly critical, obsessed with our bodies, needing to be always right, competitive, making a ton of excuses for ourselves, denies the truth of how others are experiencing us and overly relies on the material world for a sense of satisfaction.

Our ego is most balanced when we understand we are a part of creation and we take a cue cards from our higher self, that intuitive sense that lives in higher loving dimensions Our ego is the messenger from above. However, in our current world we have forgotten this critical connection so that the ego imagines its all alone and has to fend for itself.

This is why negativity, belief systems and ego go hand in hand.

Real change comes from stepping up and beginning to define yourself with different attributes, starting with “I Am.” I am a person who chooses to live in loving kindness.” “I am a person who is becoming clearer and more empowered more and more every day.”

These are just some of the ways to inject positive affirmations when you take down the negative curtain.

In summary, find something beautiful every day to appreciate, find the beauty and messages in all your relationships and situations, be the leader in your life you have always wanted to be and cherish the observer in you that can help you decode all your experiences into positive future actions.


Thank the Catalyst in Your Life

Along our journey in life we will come across a multitude of catalysts-those beings and situations, which by themselves will create change. When we think in terms of relationships, soul mates and that special someone that will love us forever, we can’t deny the nature of the catalyst we have chosen to make real changes with.

All catalysts serve a purpose in our awakening and if and we fight these soul messengers, we are missing a keen opportunity to absolve some of our karmic debt created each life time.

Remember all karma is, is the opportunity to remember love and forgiveness by meeting our resistance within someone else. When we forgive ourselves and others we remove our karmic debt and uplift ourselves along our soul mission. We also uplift all of humanity as our etheric vibrations soar when we are healing.

Each lifetime is an opportunity to recreate the situations with the people in our lives to help balance the soul balance ledger. All of this is decided before you incarnate, you just aren’t aware of it, for if you were, you plain and simple wouldn’t do the work.

Much of this is outlined in Choreography of the Soul: Uncovering the cosmic dance of your soul evolution (authored by Kathy Crossley Pettet (me) on Amazon.)

We have a multitude of soul opportunities to connect with our soul groups, who are our helpers and adversaries designed to create movement in our lives. This can also occur in the person you may have incredible love for, but can’t figure how to make the relationship prosper. This can happen within a long term relationship of many decades. Your catalysts move you, trouble you and create angst in you. It is because the need to forgive, let go and accept are the key outcomes of catalyst encounters. A catalyst can also be a significant healing encounter that lasts forever. You will know when you meet someone that serves as your teacher, or you theirs.

Does this mean you must stay in a catalyst relationship? You may learn what you need and move on, or the relationship is designed to create a long term loving journey, something that is also required for your growth. The relationship will move within the chakras surrounding your body and land within the chakra that requires the most healing. In our culture, it is typically the second (sacred truth, power, control and possession). We learn through catalyst encounters how to open the heart chakra, clearing the lower chakras of survival fears, and embracing the full intensity of the web of life unity we are creating with each catalyst.

You are also a catalyst for others in your life. Who maintains an upset with you and why? What do your represent in this person’s lie? Has the relationship grown in spite of the other person’s resistance to you? How have you changed as a result of your relationship with this person?

This can happen in any part of your life, to the annoying gossipy neighbor, to the loving being in your life, to a coworker that you just roll your eyes every time they come into the room. So, a catalyst can be the homeless on the street, the woman who smokes when she is pregnant, the over achiever or doer, the selfish its all about me person, etc. It will be who you need it to be.

Learn to meet the catalyst as a member of your soul family, they are not the enemy. You have chosen loving, beautiful unconditional loving souls in your life, but many contain an element that creates some resistance in you. Learn to ask yourself: Who AM I and What AM I doing here and how is this person acting as a catalyst in my life?

This will help you not blame, create disturbances in your thinking and learn to forgive relationships for how your soul appetite has been served.

So, whether you meet a companion in the woods, at the mall or in your living room, learn to love and accept yourself as this incredible messenger is showing up to help you heal.

Heal, let go and love it all. It’s your journey, make it a good one!IMG_7621

Critical Mass: The tipping point

First of all, let’s congratulate ourselves. As co-creators we have channeled light to the earth through peace, harmony and loving actions and we have gained momentum to hit the 2% of the population. In other words, more people are acting in loving ways than in violent, angry and hateful ways. We are peace loving beings more than we are violent, conflictual beings for the first time in thousands of years.

The timing of this is not coincidental. We are in the midst of great chaos and turmoil with an almost nightmarish path ahead of us. So, it is a time to pull together, collaborate and unify. This is the coming of the Golden Age, a time when power is to be restored to the people who have been enslaved by a system of greed and indulgence.

Co-creators we have endured much and at the same time we remain in a place of hope and renewal. However, there is much work to be done. Our momentum is now self-governed. We have collected enough like-minded souls to gather the speed necessary for the journey. The journey is in reform and we may have to stay true to the path through conflict, revolution and rebellion.

It is our rite of passage, the hero’s journey, the call has come in. The worlds’ have collided, many countries are uniting despite vast differences in culture and language, we still gather. Here in the U.S. we have been lied to, dictated, held under with threats of dismantling human integrity through scarcity, disease, economic upheaval, more war, corruption, while activists are being sought after and removed without the notice of the public eye.

Please understand that most of the real issues are covered in candy-coating “look what so and so is wearing on the runway” or football heroes who crashed, or the latest suicide bombing or threat to U.S. from foreign soils.

It’s a rigged game. There will be a temporary downward spiraling as we re-boot ourselves. The Federal Reserve Note will disappear and new financial institutions will be implemented, similar to what is happening in Russia, China and Saudi Arabia. We may lose connections with each other while we gather our skirts and transmute into new ways.

What can you do during this time? Gather family, friends, community members and learn your constitution. Find each other. Give your address and a way to get to your place, if needed. We have to unwind the mess we have directly or indirectly created. We have to stay calm, grounded and peaceful. There will be some who want to attack, hurt and get even for the atrocities many have suffered, however, if we plan on moving toward a golden age, we have to find the common thread of humanity and recognize we all live within the same bubble.

Remember there is no us and them anymore. There is only ONE. We are manifesting a world of equality. At the same time, we are not subservient and it is a time to live within your own power. However the law of life is this: do not take anything that you cannot repay. So, find that part in you that sees everyone as brother and sister, help replenish, lend a hand and help someone up.

Once this trial of humanity ends, we will enter a time of great collaboration. Competition, control systems will disappear and we will continue to see everyone as bringing something to contribute, but no one is better than another. Pull together, be productive and be well.

Good Will Hunting: It’s not your fault and letting go of false illusions of mental illness

Here we are, yet again, with another death in the media from alleged or apparent suicide, perhaps mixed with other sedatives, it doesn’t matter. Robin Williams at the age of 63 is found dead at home. There have been many deaths within the field of entertainment and otherwise and general headlines read something about “struggled with depression,” “struggled with drugs,” etc., as if the external forces were the culprit that made the decision for this person. Then, we go on to imagine what “mental illness” does to people, and I am sure, those who suffer with a “disorder” can relate to the agony and self-alientation. We all live within various degrees of self-alientation and fear. However, disorders are not the issue, wrestling with the soul, fragmented selves in relation to the world “out there” IS the issue.

This article is not designed to pretend that suffering doesn’t exist or that disorders don’t manifest, it is to only help in the understanding that disorders are created from within the psyche, they don’t drop out of the sky and land on someone, as if it was a foreign parasite dwelling within the host of a new body. We know this because true to any disease the disorder cannot be found within an autopsy. The reason is that it doesn’t exist in the body or within the brain is because that is not where it will be found, unlike a stroke, heart attack, in which the damage is discovered.

One of the issues that we in western culture cannot seem to grasp is that mental health involves emotions and thoughts and cannot be compared to medical health, which involves organs, tissues and cells. Both are involved in the energy of the body, that is, our emotions and thoughts when negative, gain density and eventually culminate within an organ to express dis-ease. When we think of someone that has committed suicide or has chosen certain drugs to hasten death, then we are looking at the density of thoughts that cloud rational thinking and create a disassociation with the self. For example, if you are traumatized by a past event, say not being able to save someone who needed your help, then thoughts of guilt over time manifest within the density of emotions which may land within the area of the heart. The heart is “broken” over the guilt associated with the perceived belief that “I didn’t do enough” or “only if I could have saved her or him.” Thoughts paired with negative emotions can continue to build steam so that the person then begins to believe worthlessness, no value, no love.

(In a healthier, more integrated self, that self might see the situation has an opportunity to learn what it feels like to be a part of one’s soul journey. The person left because their journey was complete and you can only bless it with love. This could be anything from a soldier in war, to a friend who died in a car accident. It is the blessing of that person’s journey and the acceptance that you were exactly where you needed to be, nothing more, and nothing less).

Why, because when the heart, which is the organ of humanity, love, forgiveness, anger, grief and is the connection to spirit, higher self and unity consciousness is damaged, then seeing from this vast place of love is lost. So, thoughts then run amok because the heart has closed. The soul has fragmented due to the trauma so very little soul is available to the person (when the soul fragments parts are living in other spaces where trauma has occurred, or souls just wander around).

This is a completely different perspective from mainstream western thinking where we believe that one has caught something, or is a victim from some external event. This couldn’t be further from the truth. One has internalized self-suffering because of the conditions of thought over time.

Let’s imagine that Robin Williams suffered from feelings of disapproval (inferiority complex). So, he creates a life where “acting” funny, acting in roles within films, etc., become both away to receive approval and a way to hide from connecting to true emotions within the self (I am never good enough). What often happens is we become victim to our own drama, a never ending story of approval-seeking met with predictible rejection. Once one becomes addicted to continual approval for their performances (so true in Hollyweird), then the cycle can only be broken if he or she knows inherently of self love. If one cannot love the self unconditionally, then love by others becomes the only vital source of food. How long can you live on this food source?

Eventually, the external world will decide for you. In the world of entertainment this means one no longer can play the part, because the parts no longer fit who they have become. In many cases, the person has outgrown their use of hollywood, but can’t figure out another way to love the self and when there is no feedback loop coming in of their expectation, then one begins the dark walk of suffering and downward spiraling of killing off the self, and again, I can reiterate that very little soul is available at this point.

Love by others is temporary and an illusion and is conditional (as long as I like what you are doing, you are given love) Love within the self is everlasting and absolutely unconditional. This is why so many people crash and burn because love cannot come from outside the self until is fully blooming from the inside. The outside is only a mirror of the inside. When you truly love yourself, you share your love, you don’t wait for love to come to you because it becomes irrelevant.

The quest is always on uncovering our unique or original aliveness in spite of the world going on outside of the self. It is imperative that we don’t fall into the trap that one is a victim of mental illness. This is a mass conditioned lie to make people feel that they can’t wield their own personal power. Pharmaceutical companies go to the bank on this. This multi-billion dollar industry convinces people that illness is biological, psychological, sociological, etc. However, illness ALWAYS starts in the mind then looks for supporting evidence to keep it alive (I wasn’t loved enough, father left us, we were poor, I was abused).

This is not to say that one doesn’t suffer from ill thoughts, we all do. The work is in unraveling the subconscious mechanisms that feed those thoughts. As a hypnotherapist and quantum healer I see this all the time. As I work on one’s biofield energy, I can see where the thoughts are going and where they came from. I can tell if a childhood image of feeling left out has contributed to not joining the world, or connecting to one’s own form of intimacy with another. I can see what organs of the body are speaking. I can work with the heart, lungs and liver and help restore their power by channeling light energy to those areas so they can reconnect to the larger self.

I have seen so many people fall prey to manufactured studies that are boosted by pharmaceutical dollars to perpetuate a lie of mental disorders. All disorders, and I go on record here, come from fear. Fear that one isn’t safe in the world, fear of not having enough, being enough, loving enough. When I say to people, “what are you afraid of” almost everyone says “nothing.” Then, we move on to list all the irrational beliefs that the person is imagining to be true. All of these beliefs are fear-based.

Our work is in understanding that we have a soul self that is moving toward integration so that the self becomes whole. We cannot even entertain the idea of a whole self when we feed parts of the self with synthetic drugs and authoritative beliefs that there is something wrong, that a drug is needed to alter thinking in that thoughts are either suppressed, or there is a sense of flatlining with no thoughts at all. We can puff ourselves up with false gods of status, money, power or approval, but it is the god within that we discover our true self.

So, when I see these articles that are designed to perpetuate fear or to overly focus on what happened to Robin Williams, then I must express my love for humanity by saying enough already. Robin’s soul will become a discarnate entity and will eventually go to the light. He and his soul parts have opportunity to read the life he lived, assess the lessons learned, forgive and return to light source. Our job within this density is to only see his soul as returning to light and blessing this process. When we see him as troubled, we actually hold back the soul from ascension. So, it is important to open your hearts and sing, or say a beautiful good-bye.

This is true of any death you experience with loved ones. We are lifting out of the physical body we have been housed in to learn and love and when we are finished with our contract, we leave to return to the parent soul, or higher dimensions.

Blessings on your journey, make it a soulful one.

Leave your doubts at the doorstep

…and step on through to the other side.

Let’s keep visiting and revisiting the ego-based anchors we have created that keep us from moving upward (our ascension) and forward within our linear and multiverse dimensions.

Our ego is a developmental personality tool designed to keep us alive. The ego doesn’t like to die off once it has been funded and it doesn’t mind if it borrows, begs or steal to keep surviving. It’s doing it’s job after all.

Our spiritual and higher self dimensions are aware how housed we are within the confines of our ego structures that are reinforced moment by moment within our technologically seduced culture. We are literally bombarded by streams of juicy fear tidbits to keep us doing the things that we imagine is making us even safer, stronger, immune, better, healthier, younger, richer.

It’s all hogwash. Really, it is.

Things like imagining a future where we one day retire (I can never figure out what we are retiring from), then own our own lives. I can think of a multitude of times in which a person remarks that he or she is only x years from retirement. I generally work for myself and in service to others, as I always will, so there is no such thing as leaving your purpose.

What does this mean? Keep on keeping on? That life only begins there? That enough wealth, security, vacation, housing…is acquired so that, then “it” happens. What happens?

This is the dialogue that the higher self has with the ego self. We run in endless circles of “figuring” out life. We do this because we have been taught not to live in the here and now.

The now is all we have. Right now as you are reading this, you are breathing, swallowing, moving, reclining, sitting, standing, hurrying, relaxing, feelings, sensing, acknowledging your life. What do you want to do now?

Your spirit knows this as it has always been this way.

This is why the way we live must resonate with who you are. Never waste a minute on somewhere you don’t want to be and do nothing you don’t want to do. For example, if there is a party going on, or a place to eat that you just don’t feel good about, skip it. Learn to tune in to your inherently wise self and you will, guaranteed, learn vital information about yourself. Don’t take courses to get the degree because it gives you a greater job position in life. If you want to be a dancer, dance. If you want to paint, paint. Always follow the highest joy, booted with integrity to embrace who you are now. Who you are now, is what you become.

So, when we are seduced by our fear based world-wars, terror, scandalous headlines, job loss, health risks, right foods, wrong foods, right partners, wrong partners, seeking approval, fear of disapproval, wanting this, desiring that….these are the illusions of the world we have created.

It is not THE WORLD, however, it is only a mirror of our thought forms. Our thought forms create the existence of life as we know it. If we want the evils of the world to go away we have to stop inventing them. They exist, just like in any fantasy fairy tale, because of our historical creations.

Do we want to keep doing the same thing over and over? I don’t think so.

So, how do we stop all of this craziness…corporate and ecological pollution, poverty, sickness, greed, biased news, corruptness,…

Here’s how. Stop participating in it. We participate in it when we doubt our own capacity to change the world. We see it as “those guys,” or when will “they figure it out.” We are they. They are we. We are seamless and endless particles from the same atom. Whatever happens out there is happening inside of you.

Secondly, take responsibility for any part you are playing even without realizing it. Those days when you feel like a victim, catch yourself. There is no such thing as victims. There are contracts before we are born. We live them as others’ live theirs. We can stop suffering not through pity and anger, but through compassion and empathy. Feel what others are feeling, that’s fine. Don’t be on a mission to save others from themselves.

Live in love with you. Love your perfect body, mind and soul. Stay healthy and well. Take responsibility for your own health. Don’t give it away to cosmology, pharmacies’, doctors, gurus and get rich schemes. They are draining your energy, that’s what kills your cells. Enrich your cells with whole foods, exercise, lots of water. Stay away from cities, too much technology, drive less, walk and ride your bike more.

The reason I say this as it gets you back to you. Life is simple when we are living simply. when we become out of alignment with simple, then chaos and desires brood. We want more because we have given away more of ourselves.

Fall in love with someone special. Yes, you have soul mates, lots of them, all right for you. Pick one. At some other time along your journey, yes, you may have learned your soul lessons and lovingly move on, but for NOW, it’s this one.

Practice giving out from your heart. When we do this we cannot see judgment. This is the ONE thing that will change our world. We will get it, that there is only one collective soul with various soul parts scattered about loving, living, giving, receiving and building a beautiful world.

This is how we embrace the hate and despair. When there is doubt, we bring faith. When there is despair, we bring miracles. When there is darkness, we surround ourselves with golden light.

Blessings on your journey


Leaving the past behind

Looking Back to See Ahead

Have you ever tried looking back over your shoulder, just for a quick glance, then bump into something right in front of you? Recently, while walking my dog I noticed that he looked back at another dog across the street. He kept walking forward, but was so obsessed with focusing on what was happening behind him on the other side of the street, that he smacked head on into a telephone pole. He wasn’t hurt as I averted him pretty quickly, but he did rattle himself.

When I saw this I began to think about our human lives. Why is it that we persist in looking backwards at what already happened? We have all had painful experiences, loads of suffering along the way, yet we often cling to this broken perspective of self that we fail to realize our wholeness and capacity to look ahead.

If you are a person who is awake, then you know it takes a lot of love drawing from universal light to keep yourself in a high vibrational frequency of light energy. When we practice this form of vibrational light daily, we begin to lose the heaviness that we carried around from the past and when you truly shift even higher, it almost feels awkward to think about going back to an earlier perception of yourself. Yet, these past several weeks this is what I have done, spiraled backwards, forgot to leave the road opened ahead and banged my head into a the proverbial telephone pole because I was so consumed with what got me into this present state to begin with.

The wisdom gained at my own folly is quite profound. I have practiced visualizing that who I am is already here in my heart and that all I have to do is live this new reality of that person I affirm I already am. In other words, once we see ourselves in a new positive vibration and we are affirm that it is so, we have to step into that vibration, kind of like a jumping rope that is already going round and round, you just jump in and you are that.

Following our highest passion will carry us, as we are manifesting our thought energy at rapid speed in 2014, and it will keep getting faster as we move along toward the 4th and 5th dimensions. However, as in my case, when we fall backward, we fall harder each time. This is important to keep in mind as you move along your ascended path. It is beautiful and the wow factor at getting it and even laughing a lot more than perhaps you used to is AWEsome, but when we get lost, and we will, the bruising is more painful.

It is an essential lesson learned in that we must treat ourselves and others as the person they already see themselves as, not as the broken person from before. We can’t tell someone they are beautiful, then offer them a skin acne remedy. Get it? The take away factor crashes the vibration into the trash can. When we see each other as completely whole, completely healed, completely capable, then offering a remedy is telling someone they need help, or fixing, or suggests doubt.

When you are vulnerable, as you may feel from time to time, especially if you are learning and practicing an ascended path without any support. You will be tested, as you create the tests yourself, to stay on the path that you have created for yourself. This could be going back to school, learning a new craft, moving, marrying, divorcing, taking a new job, a thousand things, but when you step into the higher vibration of who you now are, you may sabotage all your loving practices by looking back.

I looked back. I didn’t recognize the person from before, because as we create a new life for ourselves, rebirthing again and again, looking back becomes fuzzy, cloudy and the history literally disappears. At some point, you will have no need to want to read your history file because it will be erased. It erases itself as you step into and reclaim the unconditional love you have for yourself.

I looked back.

Now, today, I look forward to the dream I envisioned many years ago, having a little coffee roasting shop, being thrilled to visit with everyone who walks into the shop to hear about their day and their dreams, to work lovingly with a soul group of artists who want to share their crafts, music and soul work at this lovely little shop. Believing in my calling as a person who helps others find their way to live with joy, a loving heart and a seeker spirit, these are my gifts to this world.

Allowing the dream to unfold, getting out the way, letting helpers help, believing.

Don’t get involved with what you are leaving behind. Your past may be loaded with pain, suffering, and difficulty, but you are trying to build a new life. Leave the past where it was, and turn your attention fully toward where you are going.

ImageBlessings on your journey, Kathy

Summer Solstice Ceremony: how to host your own gathering

     My favorite time of the year.  It is deliriously sunshine, warmth and the actual beginning of the most active time of year for most.  It’s those days where we relish a 10-mintue power nap at 2:00 p.m. or, catching a breeze while resting under a tree.  

    It is also a wonderfully significant time for ceremony, where we honor the sacred spirit keeper of the south, the four-winds, the crystal below and the cosmic energies above.  Let me walk you through how to create your own ceremony for this time of shapeshifting consciousness toward peace, harmony, joy and living within a sustainable Gaia.

    You can honor the spirit keeper of your choice.  To the south, I often honor the 4-legged creatures that walk the earth, such as coyote, fox, deer and bear.  Many native american tribes honor the Flicker.  Flicker’s are birds who enjoy drumming sounds when drilling into a tree. I also love the Ruffed Grouse for the same reason.  Drumming is important for ceremony.  It allows us to remember our unification through the pulsating rhythm of our hearts.

    Our heart and organ of the heart is the most powerful form of  compassionate energy because it is the love vibration that supports the galaxy.  Without love we would have collapsed and there are certainly beings out there that would love it if we would hate enough to destroy ourselves.  This is why the solstice ceremony can be the most powerful of all celebrations so that we are manifesting on a global scale what we desire to be in the world.

    The purpose of this ceremony is to honor our ancestral beings for permitting us to continue with the legacy of seasonal change.  Summer time is the adolescent energy of the 4 seasons.  We have planted the seeds by March, activated our inner most desires and now we release them into the wind to grow, expand, and carry our greatest intentions.

    We are now into the spin of the season where we are working toward goals set in January and expressed by March.  If, for example, your goal is to learn to play piano, then by summer this should be activated, so that you can reflect on what you learned by winter solstice.  Ceremony can also be for the love of the earth, for a particular plant, for the waters, air, healing our planet, generating global peace, or transmuting your personal negative habits toward positive ones. 

    Ceremony is very powerful.  We are gathering energy of individuals, that when collected becomes exponentially expansive. These are these moments when mountains do get moved.  We know our thought is energy and energy is transformative.  If we think together about an issue or concern, pull the energy into our hearts, release into the cosmos, we can change anything.  

    For your ceremony you will need a fire.  If you can’t legally have a fire, light candles and sit outside.  Create a small sacred space to work within.  Bring crystals, drums, feathers, whatever objects from your journey in life that carries meaning, set a few in front of you.  If you are hosting a ceremony, invite everyone to bring one object that they will leave at the fire as a gratitude and one burnable  object (paper) that they can place in the fire, the transmutation process.

     Gather friends, or stranger an hour before sunset.  If other drummers are there, start drumming.  This isn’t an exercise in showmanship or a try out for a rock band, just drum.  You can use shamanic drums, tibetan drums, rattles, etc., to create a synchronized sound that eventually resonates it’s own hum.  Ask your guests to quietly meditate on an issue of their choosing.  If the ceremony’s purpose has been set (healing the earth, or personal transformation), then this should be the meditated issue.  About 30 minutes before sunset, ask each person to say a word or phrase about how they are feeling right now.  Then, each person take a turn with giving gratitude about something.  If the group is small, it’s okay to elaborate, but this is not the time for lectures, opinions, knowledge or dominance.  It’s a time to see the essence in each other as sparks from the same flame.

   Now, at the beginning of ceremony, you the host, stand up and give each direction a blessing.  I say, “greetings to the north, the home of snow owl (that’s my north spirit keeper), keeper of clarity, connection, and psychic knowing, thank you for your gift of 3rd eye seeing.”  I then go to the east, honoring Great Blue Heron.  I say, “thank you for teaching us humility, grace, solitude and soaring.  I thank  you for the gift of humility as a servant to the winged creatures.”  I then go to the south to 4-legged creatures thanking them for navigating the material earth, teaching me about instinct, trust, companionship and tribal unity.  Alas, I go to the west, honoring the Beaver.  I thank Beaver for adaptation, cooperation and transmutation and the surrendering of all that we no longer need.  I now go below the earth greeting the iron core crystal, thanking it for fortifying my immune system, my blood flow, my cells and tissues and allowing me to stand upright to walk the earth.  Finally, I thank the cosmic teachers, ascended masters’, spiritual guides and power animals for the love, messages and guidance while we understand our soul purpose.

  After you thank the directions, ask the group to stand in a circle.  Demonstrate how we connect the earth and sky into our hearts.  Bend down and gather with your hand toward the earth.  With your mind’s eye, imagining, gathering all this earth energy and place it gently in your heart.  Now, reach toward the sky above your head with your hands, gathering the cosmic bliss into your heart space by gently placing your hands in front of your heart.  Do this motion 6 times, from the ground to your heart, from the heavens to your heart, then releasing your hands back up in the sky with a loud “woooosh.” 

  Now, ask each participant to circle the fire (candles) three times when they are ready.  Each person just goes up with their personal issue they want to transform and walk the fire 3 times.  After each person walks the fire, he/she will then leave the object and submit the article for transformation.  For example, if my personal negative habit is judgment, I will write on a piece of paper, “I surrender judgment into the fire and replace with unconditional love.”  I then walk from the fire and join the group.  While each person is surrendering and transforming with the fire, everyone else, is drumming.  Drumming is the celebration of the work.  Drum loud, shout, sing, dance, let it out.  When one person is done, then they join the drumming, trade off with the next person.  This way everyone is honored in the group and acknowledged for the love they are bringing.

At the end of ceremony, ask everyone to gather with hands joined in a circle. Thank everyone for their soul essence, beauty and magic. Ask the group to   meditate silently, give thanks, and on the count of 3 have everyone raise their hands to the cosmos for a loud “wooosh.” 

After ceremony, join for food, and celebration.  Caution, when I have done this in my backyard, the group often stays outside for hours having a great time, which I encourage for fellowship, but I often go to bed.  So, you can have set times, or open boundaries, that’s your call.


Blessings on your ceremony and continual journey! Kathy