Planetary Initiation: Love is all there is

Lately, it seems as if we have been dropping even deeper into a delicious deep dish of a learning curve pushing us gently upward toward an infinite and endless understanding of all that we are.

As a seeker of truths and one who has spent many years absorbing and digesting articles, books, films and conversations from other truth seekers, and even writing my own book, it finally feels like we are somehow getting it.

It is like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz learning that within her lies all the answers and Alice in Wonderland,squeezing herself into small to return more expansive, that we glean what we simply have missed along. Foremost, that we are all involved in an endless journey of knowing and evolution. It has always been and always will be. Secondly, the journey persists until we begin to tip our understanding toward service to others, versus service to self. We are dedicated helpers, healers, builders of light, pouring our selves in the image of the ONE Mind into all that we bring forth into the world. When we dedicate our path to that of others, and this doesn’t meant the self doesn’t benefit, because what is in the whole is in the self and what is within the self is in the holographic whole, more so, it is our intent that determines the difference. Thirdly, the journey is never separated or isolated. We embark within source and sources are within us. We have guidance and intuition that leads us to the right thing at the right time, and we receive synchronistic messages to get our attention when we get distracted.

So, that’s the journey.

The big questions seekers ask, “Why, do we go through all this?” “Do we reincarnate?” “How do I learn to trust my instincts?” “Is there a higher purpose?” “Why can’t I access my spirits, or if I am, why can’t I see them?”

So many questions and the answers are many. Suffice to say that we go through this until we open our hearts to the point where the language of the heart becomes first nature. Currently, our minds is what we often resort to, to think our way through things, to analyze, problem solve, judge, evaluate, predict, etc. We open our hearts to those we love and that state of mind and feeling will eventually become automatic. In order for that to happen, where every thought is a loving thought, we practice. We often don’t seek situations that teach us love, because quite frankly they can be painful, so we often avoid them. Instead, our wake up calls are provided for us in the form of stress. This is the planetary initiation and it is happening now.

The universe is comprised of soul initiations. As souls inhabiting the earth, our soul group is a collective consciousness on pace with what is happening between, within and around the planets. We are experiencing some rough waters. Haven’t you noticed literally the wind is strong and blowing constantly? Everything that is happening within the membranes of the galaxy are happening with each person in a way designed to awaken.

We are still asleep, but more are awakening. 2012 was the beginning of a vast vibrational shift, time is changing, we are recognizing that we are moving within realities, dreams are taking us places, dreams are more vivid and people from our past are visiting us in dreams with distinct messages. Our financial systems and governmental systems are crumbling because we have been slaves to deception and have lost our empowered path as powerful beings. It is happening to help us by helping us surrender wealth and power, to understand that wealth is a misaligned concept to love, and to take our power back. We have mistakingly authorized those in power to govern us and now, we understand, there is no benevolence, just profit at the sake of the many.

It isn’t any angry response, but a loving response to the work that lies ahead in learning to trust our own instincts, and our hearts. It isn’t that wealth in itself is evil, but when not aligned with loving, humanitarian and ecological principles, it harms.

If this isn’t happening to you, it will as you meditate, clear and launch a service to others approach (51% of your energetic investment).

It is my sense, and many others too, that 2014 and moving into 2015 will significantly and permanently alter our consciousness, even affecting DNA We are more capable then every before in psychic intuition, telepathy, astral traveling and expanding in our compassion to drop judgment by embracing diversity and giving up personal wars.

We can access the deeper loving parts of ourselves by embracing stressful times, because this is the initiation. How do we handle job loss, divorce, disease, dying friends, homelessness and sometimes all at once? With a loving heart. This is how we past the test. No matter what is thrown at you, a) you are never alone it’s happening to everyone, b) you have a choice to be bitter, a victim or a triumphant healer of yourself and others and c) understand that we are letting go of an old system of those who have and those who don’t and are entering into a new system of everyone shares.

Reach out, connect, humble yourself, let go of anger and choose loving thoughts

Blessings on your journey, Kathy


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